PA Leaders’ Hypocrisy: Demand Palestinians Boycott Israeli Products, But Serve Israeli Products At Leaders’ Meetings


Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the Palestinian Authority urges Palestinians to boycott Israeli products and prohibits normalization in any way with Israel.

However, when it comes to its own conduct, the P.A. shows its hypocrisy.

In recent days, Palestinian social media has raged over the publication of a photo revealing that officials enjoyed Israeli soft drinks at a meeting at the P.A. Ministry of Employment:

“On Monday, a post from the official Facebook page of the P.A. Ministry of Employment regarding a meeting held in the ministry’s building, during which refreshments were served that included bottles of Israeli Tapuzina juice, was shared on social media. Following the spread of the news item and the picture, in addition to a wave of rage that it awakened, the ministry immediately removed the picture.” [Amad, independent Palestinian news website, Jan. 22, 2019]

The P.A. tells it people not to use Israeli products because they claim buying Israeli products finances Israel’s military, which then uses its weapons to fight against and kill Palestinians. JNS.ORG

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  1. I’m not out to defend to the PA but

    (1) in fairness even though they do call for the boycott of Israeli goods, due to their proximity to Israel and lack of imports from other areas, it is unrealistic to expect them to have a total of Israeli products even if they want to.
    Back in the 1970s when it was common for frum people to boycott Russian and to an even larger degree German products no one expected Yidden actually living in those countries to boycott them.

    (There never were frum calls for public boycotts of anywhere. Had there been a Jewish version of BDS towards Russia and Germany back then it would have been strongly opposed to by the Gedoley Torah who even opposed a public boycott against Nazi Germany)

    (2)More importantly, it would be a lot better PR to focus on how even the PA doesn’t practice a boycott on Israeli than to scream that they are hypocrites for not doing so. The former is fighting against the boycott. The latter is fighting with the PA itself. There are enough other issues to fight with them about that the fact they do not boycott Israel should not be one of them


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