PA Freezes Talks With US Over Washington Office Closure


The Palestinians have frozen ties with the US Consulate in Jerusalem and American officials visiting the West Bank in response to the US State Department’s decision not to renew the certification of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s representative office in Washington, D.C., a senior adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday.

The PLO representative office is the unofficial Palestinian embassy in the American capital. Without a certification, the office could be shut down.
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  1. I call on both sides to immediately sit down by the negotiating table and iron out their differences. The US must stop its inflammatory rhetoric. I’ve spoken to Susan Rice to pressure President Trump to give the poor downtrodden Palestinians part of Connecticut.

  2. now the United States can STOP FUNDING THE PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS with U.S. Taxpayers money.

    instead the money should be given DIRECTLY to the VICTIMS OF ARAB TERROR.


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