Over 95 Yerushalayim Businesses Desecrate Shabbos


The Eidah Hachareidis issued a sharp protest against increasing Shabbos desecration in Yerushalayim.

“The situation is worsening from week to week,” the Eidah wrote, blaming the situation on Mayor Nir Barkat and his municipal cohorts.

The Eidah’s letter noted that fourteen businesses operating on Shabbos in the downtown Nachlas Shivah neighborhood, eleven on Hillel Street near the town center, and seventy others on nearby streets were “only a part of the long list” of Shabbos desecrating establishments.

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  1. Can someone please explain to me why this is a problem? I am a religious Jew, but I’m not understanding why someone else’s business is ours.

    • Chazal exhort us (Shabbos 54a, Rashi): Whoever can protest, and fails to do so, is held culpable for those sins committed. “Kol yisroel areivim zeh l’zeh” means you’re RESPONSIBLE

      The Torah is all about COLLECTIVE religion

    • “It’s not my business” is a completely unJewish concept. Remember, the golden calf where all of Bnei Yisroel were punished for the transgressions of a few? That happened because the rest of klall yisroel said “It’s not our business”. A yid is required to protest when another yid flagrantly desecrates the Torah. Chillul Shabbos b’ferhesia in a supposed Jewish country is a big deal. When a Jew slaps Hashem in His proverbial face b’rabim, the rest of us cannot sit idly by, otherwise we are just as culpable.

    • Yeh, you’re like the guy who drills a hole in a boat, in your own private cabin. Why should anyone shout and scream at you? Even if the boat is starting to sink, big deal. You are only drilling in your own paid for cabin. Shoyta.

  2. chanan grossman,

    Are you genuine?

    Rav Eliyahu Lopian said

    “when they give us blows,kumpt unz. kumpt unz!

    { translation :we had it coming. we deserve it.}

    Their silent cry is :you proclaim to be concerned about chinuch,about Tradition.

    What about us? how come you were/are unconcerned about us?

    An elder relative who was one of the leading figures of mizrachi in Haifa mizrachi in the ’40’s and ’50’s

    Used publicly block transportation traveling on Shabbos
    by standing in the street

    He likely would be pulling his hair today to where DL apologists and the state have come to.

    At the minimum do what Rav Salomon Zt”l did in Petach Tikva a generation ago:Block the streets

    Most Israelis support whichever way the wind is blowing

    It’s your/our job to hold firm through the ebb and tides

    You also do realize that EY is a supposedly a JEWISH state and should somewhat act like it

    Do you doubt that shemiras shabbos in yerushalayim has impact throughout the world?

    בספרו משנת רבי אהרן: חשיבות הכינוס וזעקת המחאה אינם רק
    בבחינת התועלת שבדבר והתוצאות שיהיו לכך וכו’,שזהו הביטוי לכאב על הזלזול בכבודו של מלך וכו, ולכן גם אם לא יושג שום שינוי אצל הגורמים שהביאו לכך, הרי התועלת מכך היא כפולה וכו’ שע”י המחאה על הזלזול בתורה והרס הדת, וההכרזה שדבר זה בנפשנו הוא,בודאי יתעוררו רחמי שמים למעלה ויעצר הסחף בשמירת התורה ומצוותיה בכל התחומים. וכו’ ואלו המתנגדים למחאות הרי שתיקתם כהודאה גמורה!

  3. How is moshiach supposed to come about?!

    In the hashgafa of Rav Kook and the Religious Zionists founders, israel is all about the community, Galut about the individual.

    Saying that we take ought to refrain from imposing our way of life on others is american (and libertarian) influence seeping in ,and a cop-out.

  4. Chanan,
    1) Jews are responsible for each other. 2) The holy city of Jerusalem should be free of the negative influence of Shabbos desecration.


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