Over 500 Violate Halacha and Ascend Har Habayis Over Tisha B’Av


har-habayisOver 500 people went up to the Har Habayis on Monday night and Tuesday to mark Tisha B’Av, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation said.

With that, the Foundation expressed “satisfaction” at the positive reaction to its call for more people to ascend the Har Habayis on the day that Yidden commemorate the destruction of the Botei Mikdosh.

The large majority of poskim of this and previous generations have ruled that, halachically, Yidden should not go on to the Har Habayis because of concerns that people who are tamei will enter areas that tamei people are not allowed to enter – an issur krisus.

Among those who ascended was a group led by the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) movement in the Likud. That group was attacked by a number of Arabs from the Waqf, the Muslim group that administers the mosques currently occupying the Har Habayis.

The group claimed that police failed to protect their guests and did not arrest the Arabs who tried to intimidate and threaten the Jewish group.

Altogether, members of the Foundation said, about 1,000 Jews had ascended the Har Habayis during the Three Weeks period, between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Please don’t say that these Jews violated halacha. The issue is subject to a machlokes haposkim. Why defame people and say that they are in violation of the halacha, when their poskim allow them to ascend?

  2. There are other poskim who allow, you and I may not agree, but don’t say that they “Violate Halacha”?

    Be Melamaid zchus on Klal Yisroel!

  3. Without approving the actions, how could you say “violate halacha” when you know that there were/are poskim who hold it is muttar?

    Why are you trying to stir up machlokes?

    Do you really think that you are being misaken the world or anyone for that matter by your dramatic blog posts?

    The only related inyan that EVERY posek agrees (modern ,chareidi, and anyone in between) is that posting such an article is an avlah of causing machlokes and chilul Hashem.

    Good Job.

  4. Actually, it is important to report this so that this doesn’t become a widespread phenomenon. One is obligated to protest the blatant violation of psak halacha!

    And to those who say this it is a “machlokes,” that is such a misrepresentation. There is no real machlokes. 95% of poskim have ruled on this. There is no machlokes. It is assur. Period.

  5. The headline above is appaling. Matzav knows very well that there are Rabbonim who say there are areas that are ok to walk on the har habayit.

    To indict 500 people with a broad brush


  6. Why does this website and other commentators only discuss the tumah issue? There is another issue: going up to Har Habayis and not doing the avodah, which cannot be done without a bayis.

    See the Tosfos Yeshanim in Yoma; Tshevous Binyan Tzion; Shaar Hamelech Hilchos Bais HaBechira; Chazon Ish Hilchos Kaylim.

    In other words, there is a whole other sugya, besides for the tumah problem, that people ignore. Why?

  7. You know very well there are great Poskim that hold it is Muttar to go up there to the areas that we know are permissible and even a mitzva. You are engaging in false reporting by reporting that these people are violating Halacha. Even the Poskim who advise against going up there are only saying that to prevent someone from making a mistake and going into the wrong area. You are guilty of picking and choosing Poskim that suit your own agenda. The truth is with all the excavations and research we now know with certainty where you can and cannot go. Why don’t you publicize the opinion of the Brisker Rov who said you are not permitted to touch the Kosel.

    RCA would have been the perfect rabbinical organization for the Biryonim.
    An action that according to most poskim is an issur koreis would not be transgressed by anyone with a drop of yiras shomayim.
    Maybe the Biryonim of today want to celebrate what they brought about almost 2000 tears ago?

  9. The Psak Halachah (Rabbical ruling) that Aliyah LeHar HaBayis Hu Assur (ascending the Temple Mount is prohibited) is a long-standing one,
    * reaffirmed by the Hodaah VeAzharah document of Elul 5727 (August ’67) signed by a “full spectrum” of over fifty Gedolim (Talmudic scholars):
    * reaffirmed more recently by a wide-range of Rabbinic scholars, Rav Elyashiv SHLIT”A to the Rabbanim HaRashiim (Chief Rabbis) SHLIT”A.

    I am personally disappointed with the Arutz Sheva English-language Web site, which promotes and encourages transgression, even though their founding chairman, HaRav Zalman Baruch Melamed SHLIT”A, forbids it (in both public and private correspondence).

  10. Less than 24 hours after Tisha B’Av and JUDGEMENT calls are in, of who is violating Halacha and who is not!!!!!!

    Stay cool, daven, learn, do chesed and be machmir with ahavas yisroel.

  11. Please continue to post all incidents of Yidden who break Halacha. It makes all of us feel so superior and content.

  12. How many violated halacha by posting the ridiculous headline. I’m curious if ANY poskim allow such sinas chinom as the still remeber the beis hamikdosh which still burned during this time.

  13. Exactly where on Har HaBayis are these guys going? Clearly, not all of the areas on the Temple Mount are assur l’chol hadeiyos. Some parts of “Har HaBayis” aren’t even actually on Har HaBayis (the Mosque of Omar, for instance.)




  15. Reb Shimshon: I’m a simple person but my impression is that we don’t pasken like the Rambam. That means it’s assur. Kind of like Beis Shammai/Beis Hillel.

  16. There are plenty of great Torah scholars that approve and endorse yid going on the Temple mount.

    I think we should boycott Matzav!

  17. All other considerations aside, is a Jew permitted to purposely put himself into a dangerous situation for no practical reason?

  18. “There are plenty of great Torah scholars that approve and endorse yid going on the Temple mount.”

    Like who?

    Are they on the level of HaRav Elyashiv, Shlita, and HaRav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, ZT”L, and the other Gedolim who signed the Hodaah VeAzharah document of Elul 5727 (August ‘67)?

    Posting about people violating Halacha being wrong, to keep others from doing so, is not Loshon Hora or Sinas Chinom.

  19. Whatever the issues involved in this matter, the subject is causing too much Machlokes and M’riva, which is highly NOT WELCOME on the day after Tisha B’Av.

    It was a Most Welcme sight to see the many Acheinu Bnay Yisroel at the Kosel-TOGETHER- in ACHDUS- on Tisha B’Av.

  20. What does this issue have to do with the fact that it’s the day after Tish’ah B’Av?

    If something is Assur, then the public is told that it’s Assur!

    We don’t refrain from telling the public that something is Assur, just because there are people who don’t agree!

  21. For those who do not want to go up. Don’t go.

    Those who want to go have their Poskim.

    Those of you who don’t like it when others don’t follow your own path, GROW UP!!!!

    Focus more on your own actions. Are all of your actions correct and appropriate? Could they use improvement?

    Moshiach will come a lot faster if you improve yourself rather than focusing on YENEM.


  22. Ok, Matzav has officially become the Haredi version of a cheap sensationalist tabloid rag. You think you’re so frum, but real frum people are sitting and learning and not on the internet obsessively gossiping and defaming others. Please list me one posek you rely on to print your sensationalist headlines which are motzi shem ra and lashon hara about other frum Jews.

  23. WHICH modern-day Poskim allow people to go up on Har HaBayis? Please, just one name?

    What does resolving the issue of whether or not someone can go up to Har HaBayis, have to do with correcting our other actions?

  24. What is the purpose of going up to Har Habayis?

    I could understand it if those who hold that it is mutar have a valid reason for going there. However, it seems that this is more of a political issue than a religious one.

    If the only reason to go onto Har Habayis is to incite the Arabs, it certainly doesn’t make any sense — even if it is halachically permissible.

  25. Hello Sheldon:
    Don’t get excited.
    Do you have a Jewish name? Why don’t you use it? It has helped us in the past in a different golus.
    By the way, even if they have their “poskim” these people don’t seem to be making a big problem of consulting anybody except their ego, kalus and hefkeirus.

  26. Rabbi Shimshon: Kindly be more specific in pointing out where the Rambam writes it. You seem to be a tremendous lamdan which I am not, so I need your help.

    As you realize most Rabonim don’t know about this Rambam. Maybe you can teach them sonething.
    You seem to be a tremendous lamdan which I am not, so I need your help.

  27. really sad that no less than 24 hours after tisha b’av our sinas chinam continues. there are a variety of opnions whether one can ascend to outer areas of har habayis. we would be better served to show respect to those who we disagree with.

  28. Dear Wondering,

    It seems that, minimally, a miut hamatzoi of religious zionist rabbis allow ascending har habayis.

    While it is a shame that the many (a majority?) of the chareidi world does not consider the dati tzioni rabbinate a mon d’amar, they are the mora derech for a large segment of klal yisroel.

    Chazal had ruach hakodesh, we do not. We live in a world where we each follow our rabbonim. On this issue, we can say eilu v’eilu. Even if you do not sanction my shita, there are gedolei olam who do.

    Comparing the rashei yeshiva and poskim who matir, all of whom are tzadikim and talmidei chochomim , to the biryonim seems to be very forced. I certainly respect your choice to choose your gedolim and shittos, irrespective if you validate mine. But, at least step back and consider that harbei derochim le’makom – there are many paths in Torah, and the majority of shomer shabbos Jews are not chareidi. Please don’t write them off as the enemy or as the modern-day equivalent to the biryonim.

    With much respect, RCA Member.

  29. It aches my heart that a day after Tisha Baav we are witnessing the very reason the Bais Hamikdash was destroyed. Year after year, noone learns and is willing to be mekabel on themselves some ahvas yisrael. What was the point of any of you fasting yesterday? Youmay as well have partied because G-D is not happy with the outcome and will throw us deeper in exile because of all your childish and selfish behaviour

  30. Your article itself states that those poskim who hold that aliyas haHar is assur do so “because of concerns that people who are tamei will enter areas that tamei people are not allowed to enter – an issur krisus.” No poseik denies that there are areas on Har HaBayis where it would be muttar to enter today in our general state of tumah. The disagreement is whether or not we know with certainty where those areas are. Those poskim who allow alias HaHar claim (with some reason)that modern archaeological scholarship has determined where those areas are and allow ascent only to those areas. No poseik says that the entry to the entire Har habayis is muttar.

  31. On Tisha B’av, a day where Yidden are supposed to unite, the author speaks lashon hara on 500 other jews, and the many poskim who do permit it, and have gone up themselves. Shameful.
    Matzav – Stick to just reporting the news without your ignorant bias.
    And to the author – if you are going to right such a piece, at least man up to it and sign it with your name.

  32. The second Bais Hamikdosh was destroyed because of Sinas Chinom, you did a good job by this headline, for Bayis Shlishi not to be rebuilt

  33. I don’t see one pro going on Har Habayis Betumah’nik [Ahavas Habryos/Sinas Hatorah’niks] quoting any Rabbi or Halachik authority that maintains that entering is muttar. find me a mainstream Rov. 1.!

  34. Per Mishna in Midos the Halachic Har Habayis is 500 cubits by 500 cubits. This appears to be somewhat smaller than the 37 acres of present day “Temple Mount”. But there may be uncertainty where these 500 by 500 are. Of those, a rectangle 187 cubits east to west by 135 cubits north to south had the “Azarah” and above Kedusha, which has the stringent “Kares” penalty for anyone knowingly Tameh and knowing the area and knowing the prohibition and knowing the stringency of the prohibition to willfully enter.

  35. “And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD…for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.”

    – Isaiah 2:3

  36. You must be on the level of Rav Shlom Zalman and Rav Elyashiv to be able to evaluate their level and contrast them with other Poskim.

  37. So I know which Poskim FORBID going up onto Har HaBayis. They’re mentioned in Post #14.

    So what is the name of at least ONE Posek who ALLOWS going up onto Har HaBayis? I still haven’t seen one here.

    And #43, No. I don’t have to be on their level to evaluate them and contrast them with other Poskim. If my local Orthodox Rabbi says that it’s ok to go up to Har HaBayis, he’s not on their level. We know who our Gedolim are.

  38. #31- Mr. Simple Jew-

    I use my Hebrew name when it is appropriate. This venue clearly is not.

    Secondly, your critical, judgmental, and obnoxious comment about “these people” is but an outright lie.

    You sir have much to do tshuva for.

    Your assumptions about who they consult and what their motives are tells more about yourself than those who went up on Har Habayis.

  39. When i think of the jewish people being stopped entering the mount temple.their are millions of jewish people can gather together
    demand and enter the mount temple and have their rights to a temple that should belong to the jewish people. a jewish temple destroyed many years ago the muslims should not have the right to take over the mount temple jewish property. the large jewish population in jerusalem the law should be on the jewish side

  40. To the Editors and Publishers of Matzav,

    Your sensationalistic, offensive and erronious title is the cause of this uproar. How dare you call what they did “violate Halachah”.
    You who shold know better. You know there are differing opinions. Yet you who sit on the sidelines in the comfort of the USA, sit as judge, jury and executioner.

    You are the ones who have violated Halachah by speaking for G-d when you have no right to speak. You are no worse than a NAVI SHEKER.

  41. Oh, come on. Stop caring so much about the headline. It’s a HEADLINE for G-d’s sake. It’s SUPPOSED to make you want to read the article. While you’re at it, you might as well start protesting death from old age as well.

  42. Can someone from those who believe that it’s allowed to ascend Har HaBayis, please post the name of just ONE present-day Godol who allows people to go up onto Har HaBayis?

  43. “While it is a shame that the many (a majority?) of the chareidi world does not consider the dati tzioni rabbinate a mon d’amar, they are the mora derech for a large segment of klal yisroel”
    Did the Chief Rabbi of the Zionist Rabbinate permit it?

  44. To The Esteemed Reb Sheldon:
    Did Pinchos Ben Elozor have ahavas Yisroel or was he motivated by . . . ?
    Vayiktzof Moshe, was it ahavas Yisroel or . . . ?


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