Over 40 Arrested In Giyus Protests In Bnai Brak


Police arrested 40 people on Tuesday in  Bnei Brak for participating in a violent anti-draft protest sparked by the arrest of two yeshiva students for failing to show up to the draft offices.


Police also arrested eight people in Yerushalayim for blocking the light rail as part of the anti-draft protests. Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. A message from Mair Yisroel

    The Reshoim are very agitated because they have a time limit that’s quite soon, meaning months and not years, where Hashem will teach them and all humanity who is the King and Creator and Hakol Yachol of this world, the whole universe and everything beyond, all existence. And when they come in contact with
    Hashem’s might they will die from the revelation of Hashem’s true power. At the moment they are trying to race against time because planet x is very near with its whole solar system and they think they are going to use it as an easy way to destroy most of mankind. They think that they can use this obvious Shaliach of Hashem, this small solar system to do their evil for them. However, Hashem will destroy them with all the evil of the world and will save the good. All people, Jews and gentiles, that accept the Truth which
    is that Hakadosh Boruch Hu is The Hakol Yachol and evil has no place in the magnificent world that He is going to bring His people to. The Yidden, the true Yidden that stood at Har Sinai, the ones that will be alive at the moment of the great destruction and the Neshomas of the Yidden that are in Olam Habah will all
    live. And the next world will be built for them. The Goyim that accept the Truth will also be part of the next life in the next stage up but not in the same category as the Jewish Neshoma which has fought to preserve its closeness to and its complete tie with Hakadosh Boruch Hu.
    All the years of Golus that we have been suffering through, all the Jewish blood
    that flowed freely at the hands of the Goyim, all the cries of the Jews in the
    concentration camps as they were gassed in the gas chambers all the cries of
    Shema Yisroel, all that magnificent loyalty of Am Yisroel to our beloved Hakadosh
    Boruch Hu throughout the whole Golus, those pearls of love and belief and
    sacrifice will be the base, the foundation of the whole world to come. There the
    Yidden will be the servants of Hashem directly. The righteous Goyim will serve us
    and we Am Yisroel will be without a Yetzer Hora completely, which will bring us
    even closer to Hashem and we will rise and rise in the greatest pleasure in all the
    worlds. There will be no greater pleasure to be found anywhere.
    What I have said now is as far as my knowledge goes and even what I have told
    you doesn’t accurately describe the absolute Simcha of what the Yiddishe
    Shevat 5777
    Neshomas will feel after the Bais Hamikdosh will be built again and we return to
    our rightful place.
    We are going to go through a very hard time which will start very soon. Don’t be
    afraid! I can’t tell you that every Yid will live through it, but I want to assure you
    that every Yid whose life is cut short by the happenings of what is about to be will
    be saved and he or she will eventually be returned to life everlasting. Just don’t
    be afraid and always be with Hashem. This is the main thing. Try to do all the
    Mitzvos with love and detach yourselves as much as you can from the world of
    What will happen in the near future will be much easier to deal with if we are not
    attached to the Gashmius world of Sheker and the Egel Hazahav. People who are
    attached to this superficial lie cannot really be waiting for Moshiach. Therefore,
    detach yourselves in your heart, in your way of living. Detach yourselves from the
    lies. The world outside only brings in troubles and superficiality that in the end
    becomes an Iron Mechitzah, Chas Vesholom, between the person and Hakadosh
    Boruch Hu.
    To the Yid who minimizes the Gashmius to only what he absolutely needs to exist
    and fills his time with Davening and learning and doing other acts of kindness and
    generally going in the way of Hashem, his refined soul will have almost no
    Mechitzah between him and Hakadosh Boruch Hu.
    So Am Yisroel get ready. It is coming very soon. One day it will just be upon us.
    The world is already a madhouse and it is going to get worse and when it gets to
    its lowest point where evil is exposing itself in the worst way. Then Hashem will
    bring the great cleansing and the world will become clean once more and all
    existence will rejoice and all the evil will be forgotten.

  2. אלו גברי כח עשי דברו לשמע בקול דברו. “ברכו ד’ כל צבאיו”. בואו נודה על האמת יוצא לנו העניים מקנאה בהצלחה הגדולה שלהם….. אשרם ואשרי חלקם מקדשי שם שמים ברבים… מצויין! בעיות פותרים מהשורש!!!!!

  3. What is the problem with giving back to the country that gives you everything, including supporting every Torah Institution, and giving child money, health insurance…?

      • wow! just the taxes alone in israel …. ranging from 17%-32% for some of the simplest household items… chutznikim are oblivious…

    • we cannot allow our precious innocent children to be thrown into a shmad machine called the Zionist atheist army where female “instructors” dressed in pritzus will yell at them and they will be FORCED to listen to call isha and to shave their beards and peyos, we resisted the czar the Zionists are pee wee league compared to him. These boys are the future of the Torah that is why the Zionists want to make them frei like they have done for generations. we resist the Zionists.

    • what in the world are you talking about????
      Israel is the least medinas shel chessed that weve ever known. The mesiras nefesh frum yidden live with is amazing. there are no food stamps or wellfare. There is a socialist medical system but trust me for the bigger stuff pple need to pay. It’s good for a sore throat.
      In regards to your comment about giving back; an openminded yid will understand that there are different shitos regarding boys joining the army and this one is one of them; every one needs to be understood and respected.

      • if you believe that would you enjoy having a country like Russia having sovereignty over Israel? or are you lying to yourself!

    • there was an article just this week from a mother who actually supported her sons giyus and how she warns every parent not to go there cus the army has no respect for frumkeit.

  4. this will end with a bachur getting killed or serious injured rl
    then all the big roshei yeshiva that sit inside and send the chamorim demonstrating outside
    will cry and deliver a beutifal hesped

  5. These guys behave like and sound like the schvartzes in America. Take, take, take but give nothing. Haul their asses into the military or throw them into jail.

  6. The handicaps were also protesting today and blocking traffic, was anyone arrested? No and no blue water sprayed on anyone and no horses trampling on anyone and no provocateurs throwing stones! The Zionist police redirected the traffic and allowed them to continue.

  7. To Leroy:
    Non-whites, like haredi yeshiva bachurim, don’t serve?
    Actually, non-whites make up 26% and 34% of active soldiers in the US Army and Navy respectfully, and that number is growing, especially in the enlisted ranks.

    Please don’t insult them.

  8. These boys are not arrested for avoiding to report to the army. They were arrested for doing illegal things such as driving without a license and the law is if their name shows as not reporting to the army, they are given over to the military police to handle. NONE of these boys were arrested for nothing! And, don’t be so quick to call this a shmad army. You guys are brainwashed terribly. The army did not tell any normal chareidi to shave their beard! They only made those that were really otd but ‘claimed’ to have been frum. A couple of my relatives were in the army at some point and they were and are very frum. No one was forced to do something against their minhag/ beliefs.

    • Your entire post is full of LIES after Yom Kippur! FYI they were arrested for evading the draft. It’s a waste of time to comment on the rest of your dribble. But 1 thing I’ll tell you. It’s because of guys like you in the army that chareidim and religious Jews may not step foot there.

    • that maybe in YOUR case, I know for a fact people who went off the derech because they were exposed to females who were trying to be pritzus with them, no so called “Jewish” army can have women in them, period. The Zionists only concern is to make us all frei, we will resist. The Zionists made up many of these charges, they allow Arabs to build entire neighborhoods but do nothing about that, they care about some Jewish boys on a hill likewise with these boys these “charges” are fabricated or draconian.


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