Over $300 Million Worth Goes To Waste In Israel Over Pesach


Pesach is one of the most wasteful times of the year in Israel, JPOST reports.

According to data published by food rescue organization Leket Israel and accounting firm BDO, 106,000 tons of food, worth approximately NIS 1.126 billion ($313 million), goes to waste during the month of Pesachl – about 14% higher than regular monthly waste.

The significant increase in waste is driven, Leket Israel states, by a combination of the large quantity of chametz products thrown away by supermarkets and consumers prior to Pesach and the masses of Kosher-for-Pesach foods – including matzah – that will not be sold or eaten after Yom Tov, and will also be thrown away.

Read more at JPOST.



  1. So why don’t they ever lower the stinkin price of food when there is a surplus??? Whenever there is a “supposed” shortage, they ALWAYS raise the price. They claim the same hoax all the time, supply and demand supply and demand supply and demand. Buy yet when there IS supply they NEVER EVER lower the price. Greed corruption, taking advantage of the disadvantaged lower income humans. If the price gouging stores know they are going to throw out shmura matzah right after Pesach, why can’t they lower the price on erev Pesach. Evil wicked greedy people who spit at the Choshen Mishpat!


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