Over 100 Girls Bussed Home from Camp Due to Swine Flu


swine-flu-vaccineMatzav.com has learned that dozens of girls from Camp Bnos in Ferndale, NY, and Camp Tubby (Machaneh Tichon Bais Yaakov) in Woodbourne, NY, have been bussed home because of the H1N1 swine flu virus which has been spreading among campers. “In camp, the girls will not be able to properly recover,” one parent told Matzav.com. “The silver lining in all this,” said the parent somewhat in jest, “is that the parents of these girls won’t have to make the trek up to the mountains this Sunday for visiting day.”

About 60 girls from each of the camps were sent home.

Camp Bnos is part of Agudath Israel’s network of camps, which includes Camp Agudah and Camp Chayil Miriam. Camp Tubby is run by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Aharon Kahn.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. If someone has that much of a negative approach about visiting day (as all jokes have some truth) then why bother sending to camp?
    Refuah shlaimah to the girls. You can also think of the camp which lost out on money too.

  2. To Midwesterner: Why have visiting day at all? Those who miss their kids terribly, don’t send them to sleepaway camp. Perhaps the parents need some time to themselves or they go away on vacation or don’t have a way to get up there… The only way the camp lost out is maybe renting the buses to take the girls back. Parents pay plenty money for camp and they have to pay it whether their child is there or at home. Methinks your mindset needs an update.
    Refuah shelaimah to the girls. On a positive note, in case the swine flu comes back in the fall with a vengeance (as some predict), the ones who got it now will be immune.

  3. my friends went home, but they’re not sooo sick, b”h… also girls from Sternberg went home, and girls from Segula bec they got sick after they visited Camp Chayil Miriam. Refuah Sheleimah to everyone!


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