Outrage: Why Has the BAYT Invited Dov Lipman?


 dov-lipmanBy T. Felik

In light of all the press recently about MK Dov Lipman and his views against daas Torah and the yeshiva system, I am saddened to see mainstream Orthodox shuls inviting him as a scholar in residence.

In particular, one of the largest, if not the largest, shul in North America, Beit Avraham Yosef of Toronto, known as the “BAYT,” has invited Lipman to come and discuss his views.

The BAYT was established by the famous Joe Tannenbaum, a man who supported Torah to the utmost and one who was very respectful of rabbonim. His children and grandchildren have followed in his footsteps and have continued his legacy in this regard. Bringing in and being mechabeid someone who has publicly stated his disdain for the leaders of our generation and for those who toil in Torah is an affront to everything Mr. Tannenbaum stood for.

Furthermore, other shuls that consider themselves apart of mainstream Orthodoxy may follow suit, which would be a major chillul hashem.

The community as a whole must open their eyes and see what is happening and help put a stop to this.

We must insist that the BAYT cancel the invitation to Dov Lipman. We await their swift response.

My prayer is that this plague of recognizing those who publicly defame and put down our gedolei Yisroel will come to an end, and together may we all merit to greet Moshiach soon bekedushah v’taharah.

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  1. every person present to hear Lipman anywhere is a kofer b;ikkar because they show that they don’t care about gedolim

  2. I want a response from the BAYT one way or another on this. They must explain how they can invite a dude who doesn’t have even one mainstream rov behind him. NU?

  3. “those who publicly defame and put down our gedolei Yisroel”

    I challenge you to cite one example where Rabbi Lipman publicly defamed or put down gedolei Yisrael. You are certainly entitled to disagree with his views and policies, but it is outright motzi shem ra to spread false accusations like that.

  4. I don’t understand.
    Rav Aharon Feldman said that Dov Lipman is off the mark, is wrong, and should consult with rabbonim. Rav Feldman has said that Lipman should resign from his party. And the BAYT invites him as a “scholar”? HAVE THEY NO SHAME?!
    What will the BAYT answer to Rav Feldman when he asks why they invited him? What will their rabbi say to Rav Feldman? What will be his excuse?

  5. Oib es tut vey shreiut min.
    And yes, it hurts when this man truns on the whole community, parades arund like a chareidi, and them makes fun of our gedolim and says he knows better.
    This man is an incarnation of Open Orthodox with a velvet yarmulka.
    Dov Lipman should do teshuvah and then we’ll hear him out.
    Rav Aharon Feldman said he is wrong and misguided, so why would the BAYT inivte him?

  6. Gedolim have said that we must speak out when places invite this man. So at least someone is speaking out! Kol hakavod to Rabbi Felik. We now need more people to speak out oloud and call a spade a spade!

  7. Does the BAYT know that this Lipman guy called Dovid Hamelech a “politician”?

    Do they know that he called Chacham Ovadiah Yosef an out of touch extreme rabbi (afra lepumei)?

  8. Rav Moshe Meiselman, among other roshei yeshiva, have publically criticzed any shul that invites this fellow. DON’T ALLOW THIS TO GO WITHOUT A RESPONSE. thank you T Felik for exposing this sham. The BAYT must must must realize their egregoious mistake.

  9. Keep up the great work in rooting out this cancer from our society! it’s amazing how he is so foolish to believe that he knows better than ALL of our Gedolei Yisrael!!!

  10. Don’t let the BAYT get away with this.
    There WILL be a protest outside there if he is allowed to come. What a chillul Hashem.

  11. Matzav, What are you scared of??

    This is getting ridiculous. Just b/c someone does not agree with the Rabbonim ) does not mean you can go ahead and do a character assassination.

  12. Are you serious T. Felik?????????
    Unfortunately Moshiach is not coming for a long long time, when you write things about a fellow orthodox jew. Shame on you for such anger and hatred. Invite him into your shul, maybe even talk to him about his beliefs. The fact that he doesn’t agree with you on every point doesn’t pasul him. I hate to even tell you that there are gedolim who agree with him.
    Also do you know anything about Joe Tannenbaum??

  13. Have never heard D. Lipman defame or delegitimize G’dolim or Rabbinim,, maybe disagree yet never defame.

  14. The BAYT has just effectively removed itself from our machaneh. End of story. And you know it. What a bushah.

  15. good job
    Dov Lipman must be stopped.
    He hates chareidim no matter what he says to the contrary

  16. To Dovid,

    Lipman called Dovid Hamelech a “warrior” and a “politician.” Is that not enough for you to be considered a “bizayon.”

    he mocked Rav Ovadiah Yosef as an “Old rabbi” who is “out of touch” and “extreme.” Is that not enough for you?

    Yes, Lipman has been mevazeh gedolim and our greatest king, Dovid Hamelech.

    Afra lepumei. Lipman is a shandeh.

  17. I like how people accuse me and others of sinas chinom when we stand up to Lipman.
    Sinas chinom?
    Every rov I know has said it is a mitzvah to put this guy out of business.

  18. If you think an editorial in Matsav will do anything to sway policy at a shul like the BAYT, you must think much of the influence Adam Smith had in the USSR.

  19. As a Torontonian, Thank you for letting me know about this upcoming talk. Now I can go hear what he has to say for myself, rather than get advice here

  20. If I see one more anti-Lipman article on your website, I will see to it personally that this website will be shut down completely.
    A bunch of hippocrates, you are.

  21. Let’s stand united.
    Don;’t be cowered into fear by those who threaten to “shut down your website” if you write negatively about Lipman. Boo hoo. They want you to be scared because you write the truth?
    Are these same people who are threatening to shut you down also concerned about all the blogs that destroy Yiddishe lives every day? Somehow I think not.
    They are only worried about, you, because you have outed Lipman for what he is.
    Good for you. Don’t let them intimidate you. Keep up your good and holy work. May others join you.

  22. Hey…..#29 – Listen carefully. Are you listening? Are you reading? Here goes 🙂


    There now you have it. Let’s see you shut down this amazing website!

    Now if you decide to never come to this site again then I am sure I speak for the entire Chareidi community when I say we thank you and appreciate very much that you leave the rest of us Torah observant Yidden alone.

  23. clarification: Rabbi Taub was the excellent rabbi of the Bayt for many years. Nothing like this would happen under him.

  24. To be honest however I am a little confused as to the point of the article. The BAYT is and always was a zionist, perhaps modern orthodox synagogue. Matzav surely would not post an article if a conservative shul slated Lipman to speak, right? What use is there in mixing up party lines?

  25. This is a war for the very viability of your yeshivos.
    SO when you take sides becareful.
    Do you want to be with Lipman and the haters of G-d and Torah or do you want to be with those who wish to preserve Judaism as it has been practiced for centuries?
    The BAYT has a choice: make the right decision

  26. Lipman wants your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Israel is just like Canada & the States. If you want to make it big in politics you need to campaign and the more gelt he can bring in from the chutznikers the more power he will have.

  27. “A bunch of hippocrates, you are.”

    Because you disagree, they are therefore a bunch of ancient Greek doctors?

  28. Just some food for thought…. When did the Bayt invite Mr. Lipman to come as a scholar-in-residence? Perhaps the shul extended their invitation before the gedolim or other authority figures came out in opposition to his positions/statements. Maybe the shul finds itself in a very uncomfortable position and is just trying to fulfill their commitment to a misguided individual (“shogeg” in the words of a very respected rosh yeshiva). Maybe the shul is just trying to do the right thing.

    Just remember that sometimes putting a little more thought into a seemingly “wrongful” act perpretated by others can help us realize that there might be a reasonable explanation for that very same behavior (i.e. Dan Lekaf Zchus). Have a great day chevra.

  29. Mr. Felik,
    You are berating and demeaning Dov Lipman – for what? For insisting that if you want to take goverment money, you have to have minimal secular studies.
    YES, I UNDERSTAND that the Gedolim have rejected this idea. FINE! Just be prepared to lose funding, and get Askanim who believe in this Shittah to make up the difference!
    What gives you the right to treat someone with different Hashkafos like he is less than an animal?

  30. to dovid i love you guys that always take yhe side of the nidof even when he is a mevazeh gedolim and is a chiloni who looks ortodox he is like the pig that is kosher on the outside but trief on the inside looks nice but look further he is as low as the pig who plays in the mud with all chilonim in the isreali goverment why for attention he is appartnly embarassed of who he really is how sad!!

  31. We must unite and tell the korch of this dor we stand by the Moshe rabanues ofbthis dor ,believe me korch had reasosns and theories why Moshe rabnu was wrong ,just like lip man , dov before it’s to late be chozer betshuva!!!!

  32. Which shabbos is Rabbi Lipman coming?
    I dont think Mr. Falik can expect a pulitzer for accuracy in reporting in the near future.

  33. Can Rav Feldman.
    He will agree with everything T Felik wrote.
    He will tell you that he is surprised that any shul invited Lipman to speak!
    stop making up stories to the contrary. CALL HIM NOW AND YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH
    Stop defending this embarrasing move

  34. 1st, there is an old saying that you keep your friends CLOSE and your enemies CLOSER.

    2nd, The dichotomy of dialogue has long been a basis of jewish learning. It is important that we understand not only OUR positions but that of others who seem to disagree with our beliefs and positions.

    3rd, I find it incredulous that Jews who are so insistent that our positions and beliefs are understood would not give another, especially another JEW the opportunity to share what they feel is important to them.

    Knowing what you believed and WHY we take those positions are important in living the Torah life.

  35. You ask why he was invited to these Orthodox shuls, because they are the same type chachamim who voted in the Bayit Yehudi Party who partnered with Yesh Atid. If they had no sechel there, why should those like them have more sechel. What’s lacking today in the Jewish world, sorry to say, is just plain old Yiddishe sechel! The galut mentality is so embedded in the Jewish world (no matter how frum) that it would take a miracle to give them back their Yiddishe sechel.

  36. Contact Us

    Why not contact the Bayt and ask them all your questions about how, why and when he was invited?

    613 Clark Avenue W. Thornhill, Ontario L4J 5V3
    Phone: 905-886-3810 Fax: 905-886-5103
    Mara D’Asrah – Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin 905-886-3810 Ext. 125 rabbi.korobkin@bayt.ca

  37. You all need to make a macho’oh? You don’t think Rabbi Miller, or Rabbi Ochs, or Rabbi Lowy, or Rabbi Felder sees or talks to R’ Korobkin? You don’t think that the matter was considered – or that you know better than the manhigim of Toronto’s frum community? That’s pretty arrogant of you!

    Mr. Felik – Is there nothing to protest in your neck of the woods? No pressing issues that need to be addressed in your community? – I don’t even live in the same country as you and I am aware of many.


  38. He is coming Parshas Pinchas. BAYT prides them self on being openminded. They are a modern orthodox shul (albeit with aa group of yeshivish-minded constituents) that is proud to host Slifkin & Lipman. So don’t be mistaken that they care about what matzav or gedolei yisroel say. Btw, NIRC in no way supports Korobkin. they disowned long ago, for good reason

  39. As someone pointed out earlier this is a MO Cong. You can check out their website yourselves. Why the post? The Mispallim of this shul would very well agree with Rabbi Lipmans view points.

  40. we are still waiting for a respons efro the BAYT for being mevazeh rav aharon feldman by inviting this dope to speak there

  41. Shame on the bayt
    shame on lipman
    shame on the bloggers who hate torah
    shame on the enablers
    sham shame shame

    may hashem rpotect us

  42. Before making not so subtle threats against the BAYT as a wedding venue, I ask that the charedi community remember the generosity of the BAYT community when their Meshulachim come a calling!

  43. Shame on your website as it stands as a reminder of narrow-mindedness that our true Gedolim throughout the generations were opposed to.


  45. I wish Lipman would come to Flatbush. We would make such a Machoa he wouldn’t know what hit him.
    Btw, who is paying for his trip to Canada? The Israely tax payer or out of his own pocket?

  46. please give phone numbers for people we can call

    agav. i spoke to people in toronto. many, including rabbnim, did not know that Lipman was coming until the Matzav.com report, so matzav deserves credit for bringing it to light

  47. I dont care what Lipman believes.
    the problemm is that he parades as a chareidi when he is not
    that is the crux of the problem

  48. The Bayt has many Chareidi/Centrist members who do not support this guy. Leftist programs are a new phenomenon in the shul.

  49. whos to say that the author isnt one of the rabbonim in Toronto? the oilam is relieved that someone finally got up and was moiche lekavod hatoirah may we all be blessed with the clarity of mind of the author

  50. To #70
    You may not be aware, but “turn the other cheek” is a Christian concept not a Jewish one. I don’t believe that Rabbi Felik or any one else on this site “hates” D Lipman, they are upset that he presents himself as a chareidi yet he distorts much of which is precious to us.
    The purity of our chinuch system
    The value we place on Torah learning
    Our esteem for our gedolim
    He is entitled to his own opinions. He is not entitled to claim that he knows better than we do and our gedolim what is best for us. He is not entitled to respect from those whom he so clearly disrespects, even as he claims that he is one of us.
    Can all those who are so concerned with sinas chinom and lashon harah please send their messages to Dov Lipman for he is guilty of those.

  51. For those who say elu velu etc. and compare the Lipman controversy to Hillel and Shammai:
    If you truly believe the wild assumption that elu velu applies here, then why do you stick up for Lipman despite the fact that he wants to knock out the opinion of the greatest Gedolim alive today. It shows where you come from – sticking up for Lipman with some kind of egalitarian logic but no respect for the Gedolei Yisroel. I can’t even accuse you of misplaced Ahavas Yisroel because then you would also stick up for the Gedolim.
    Shame on BAYT – you are a disgrace and we will not forget.

  52. Anyone who knows anything about the Toronto community knows that the BAYT is not in the city proper but in the Sodom and Gomorrah wasteland known as the 905.

  53. Funny question here. Before a year and a half ago, when lipman began his media circus of bashing Chareidim L’dvar Hashem, would anyone invite Lipman to speak? Why is Lipman being invited to speak – what does he have to offer? Has BAYT invited him in the past?

    It’s very telling that the only reason he’s being invited is because he’s busy destroying.
    ??? ???? ????

  54. Instaed of intelligent dialogue and dealing with the issues you have conflated the whole issue int one straw man and then you have tarred and feathered him with every term in your arsenal. Can’t you write and talk like nichbodim, bnai torah who do not fight the person as a person and say he is less than human.

  55. The venom being spouted out by the writer of this post and in many of the comments is astounding for those who aspire to bi’as haMoshiach. As a member of BAYT, I can tell you that you know nothing about the shul, you know nothing about the neighbourhood, you know nothing about our Rabbi and you all need to get a little exposure to Jews who do not look exactly like yourselves. Our shul has the largest chevra daf yomi in Toronto, boasts shiurim throughout the week from beginner level to advanced, and that is not even mentioning a full-time Kollel that is housed in our building. We are a diverse community with many different viewpoints. We also have a Rav who “gets it”.

  56. Cowardly Vigilante-
    Wow what a generalization. There are plenty of Bnei Torah in the 905. There is a Kollel, which has hundreds of people pass through each month, and other shuls which would not support a person like Lipman, like Ateres Mordechai for example. Many people who send their children to Ner, Darchei, Kaplans, TTC, Yesodei, and every school that people in the 416 send to.

    I don’t generalize about 416, why are you generalizing about the 905?

  57. The article said Rabbi Lipman has views against Daas Torah and the Yeshiva system. Why is this Loshon Hora. Unless those who are making this claim of loshon hora have no respect for the Rabbonim (daas Torah) who already voiced very clear statements regarding Rabbi Lipman which substantiate these statements clearly. Associating oneself with the ‘Yeshiva community’ doesn’t give that person immunity from actions one makes to hurt that very community. If anything he only offers false credence to the party which let him on their ticket in order to attempt to cloak their abject intentions during the elections – to undermine the yeshiva system in attacking it from multiple angles. One may try to be melamed zechus why Rabbi Lipman initially associated himself with Yair Lapid who openly ran a campaign with the clear intentions of hurting the ‘Charadim’ but one can not be melamed zechus why Rabbi Lipman has not heeded the call of Daas Torah.

  58. Now that the author and most of your posters have made Rabbi Lipman your SAIR LA-AZOZEL, and the source of all the Chareydi issues, do you think that all the problems would go away?!

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