Outrage Over Newport-Mesa HS Students Posting Swastika, Saluting Hitler At Off-Campus Party


School officials are expressing concern after a group of Newport Beach high school students made a swastika and saluted Hitler at an off-campus party and then posted the photos on social media.

Newport Harbor High School and Costa Mesa High School students posted pictures on Snapchat of students playing beer pong with cups set up like a swastika and saluting Hitler with captions like, “German engeneraing (sic).”

“We have a concern both for the physical health of students who are underage drinking as well as the mental health of our students or their friends that thought this was an OK thing to do,” a school official said.

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  1. ‘you’ve got to be taught to hate” remember that song? with the election of muslim representatives (whose allegiance is NOT to the US), this is what is happening to our children. we should be scared out of our wits

  2. With rare exceptions, most young people are fools. When I was young I was a fool, too, and behaving as these kids did would not be impossible. Somehow, I managed to outgrow my youthful delinquency am now a functional member of society. Why are they being treated as if they were vile sociopaths?

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