Outrage In Israel As Polish PM Suggests Jews Were Perpetrators In Holocaust


In an ongoing dispute over the passage of a Polish law criminalizing any terms linking Poland to the heinous crimes of the Holocaust, Israeli officials expressed outrage Saturday night following remarks by Polish Prime Minister Masteusz Morawiecki suggesting that some Jews also participated in perpetrating crimes of the Holocaust.

When asked by a reporter from the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronot at the Munich Security Conference, whether recounting one’s own family history would be punishable under the new law, Moraweicki responded stating, “Of course it’s not going to be punishable, not going to be seen as criminal to say that there were Polish perpetrators, as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators, as there were Ukrainian; not only German perpetrators.”

Morawiecki added that Poles were mostly of help to their “Jewish brothers and sisters” during the war.

The new comments sparked new outrage in Israel, following diplomatic debates between Israel and Poland over whether the new Polish was a form of Holocaust denial.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, also attending the security conference, said that “the Polish prime minister’s remarks here in Munich are outrageous. There is a problem here of an inability to understand history and a lack of sensitivity to the tragedy of our people. I intend to speak with him forthwith.”

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely also responded, stating “the statements by Poland’s prime minister are grave and warrant an apology to the Jewish people for distorting the memory of the Holocaust.”

“We cannot accept such outrageous comparisons,” Hotovely added, noting that she would convene an emergency meeting at the Foreign Ministry to discuss Israel’s response. JNS.ORG

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  1. this is a country of born and bred anti semites willing participants in the killings
    and the stupid people keep on traveling there and pump millions into the polish economy

    go to israel instead and daven by your grandparents in kever rochel and the meoras hmachpela

    enough giving millions to the goyim in uman and all of poland etc

  2. This is excellent to address. Hashem’s planet has yet to see all jews agree our laws. The challenge to orthodoxy is kiruv and kosher.

    If the unorthodox do not realize they are jews, let them feel how horrible antisemitism continues. It is hard but the priest who takes his kippah to tomorrow is ready for Hashems judgments.

    Every jew must follow Torah law. There is no right an abomination or hate.

    Poland is dangerous. Our feelings will not improve until we strengthen. Torah is feared.

    Dream harder our fate. Antisemitism rears.

  3. It is very hard to affirm ,it was outrageous for him to say it, and he must apologize for it..but,yes he is correct

    speak for themselves

  4. Read up on the Zionist contribution to the Holocaust before being so sure of your replies.
    How about all the lovely statements made by Zionist leaders before and during the war, such as “They were dust in a cruel world [Eastern European Jews]… they had to accept their fate,” or “a cow in Eretz Yisrael is worth more than diaspora Jews.”
    Read “Perfidy” by Ben Hecht, a secular Jew who even married out – but was shocked at the behavior of the Zionists that directly contributed to the slaughter. Read Rav Weissmandel’s sefer, “Min Hameitzar.”
    The Gemara states unequivocally that Jews who rebel against the Torah “yordin mato mato,” and that’s exactly what we saw – and see.

  5. Technically, there were kapos and collaborators. But they were doing it out of desperation, not hate, and were more victims who assisted a little than they were perpetrators. The Polish, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to help and were more than happy when the Nazis did what they wished they could do. They even killed yidden after the nazis were gone!

    • So you’re saying the Nazis “were just following orders”???
      In other words, they really loved the Jews but were only brutally murdering them because they were scared and were just following orders? I seriously hope you’re being sarcastic.

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