OUTRAGE: IDF Sgt. Elor Azaria Convicted of Manslaughter for Killing Terrorist


An Israeli soldier who shot and killed a wounded Palestinian terrorist who was lying on the ground was convicted of manslaughter today.

Sgt. Elor Azaria shot Abdul Fatah al-Sharif, 21, in the head. Azaria explained that he thought Sharif might have been wearing an explosive vest, but prosecutors said his motive was revenge, as a comrade of Azaria’s had been stabbed at the scene prior to the shooting.

The incident was caught on video in March 2016 and has been deeply divisive, with heated protests on both sides. A military judge, Col. Maya Heller, rejected all of Azaria’s defenses in the case, eventually ruling that “the fact that the man on the ground was a terrorist does not justify a disproportionate response.” Some of Azaria’s relatives were thrown out of the Tel Aviv courtroom, and others stormed out after the verdict was read. One woman screamed “the Israeli military is over!” Another yelled “disgusting leftists!” The sentencing phase of the trial will likely begin in several weeks. Read more.

Video – outside the courthouse:

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. Leftist judges handing down a politically correct verdict. They were egged on by the PM and others who immediately condemned Sgt. Elor Azaria. This is the new IDF. Soldiers are now afraid to use their weapons in life or death situations.

  2. Now you see why chareidim are smart. Why be part of an army that is hostile to Torah observance and is run by secular pompous politicians. A soldier goes to jail while terrorists are freed in exchanges all the time. Time for these brainwashed religious Zionist youth to wake up and become chareidim. They lost their homes in gush Katif and these fools still Sacrafice their children to a government bent on destruction of the Torah through no jewish education of Israeli youth,toeiva parades in Jerusalem,tel aviv,Haifa,Ashdod. Where are the million chareidim to rise up and make a revolution.

      • You mean “get out and stay out” of Israel?. I agree.
        Kerry said it was not a Democratic state. I agree.
        It’s a bunch of liberal idiots – especially the judges.
        A terrorist should be killed – rather than c”v the terrorist should have even a 1% chance of hurting any Israeli. Anything else is against Torah values.
        Shame on those justices for putting the boys in the IDF in danger
        I can’t understand why any Israeli would want to serve in such a corrupt army.
        For shame.
        Anonymous was correct all the way (maybe not on the “revolution” part)

        • the courts are a separate entity from the army… you’re a bit ignorant. The army isn’t corrupt. Perhaps youre trying to say that the sheeta of joining the army is corrupt.. ok, but that too is a pretty ignorant statement. Each person will follow their hashkafa and derech. There is the torah world that believes the weapon is the torah. And theres the hesder world that believes with the torah in one hand and a gun in the other. Yiddishkeit has a few approaches. And one must be respectful and openminded to hear it; not necessarily follow it but hear it.

    • ma hakesher? The chareidim are smart cus they’re following their derech hatorah and how they see it. The mizrachim are smart following their derech hatorah… But I don’t see your connection…

  3. This will only INCREASE the KILLINGS of ISraelis by these terrorists , as they are in “win win” situation. Don’t get caught–and even if you do get caught the soldiers hands are tied in ridding of the terrorist! What a sad day and perversion of justice.. People will be very hesitant to enlist because this crooked mind-set puts terrorists life BEFORE the soldiers life!!!!! How Sad!!!!!

  4. Judge very crooked. “Fact person on ground is a TERRORIST DOES YES JUSTIfY a disproportionate response. If this terrorist had the opportunity, he would of killed or maimed as many Israelis as possible—and this so called judge DEFENDS this TERRORIST???????? What a perversion of Justice!!!!! Indeed a very sad and disturbing day for all Israelis who seek REAL GENUINE justice!!! B

  5. Yes, outrage & disbelief!
    The court has officially made the life of holy IDF soldiers completely הפקר. How can a soldier, policeman, security guard, know for sure & wait to see a weapon in the hand of the enemy before shooting. Our Jewish blood is more valuable than the life of our enemy. Is this a מלחמה as Rav Yakov Kamenetsky זצייל stated or a board game?

  6. This left-wing justice system is pathetic and an outrage. The fact that they don’t have the death penalty for terrorists proves that.

  7. So in america officers are off the hook left & rt for killing unarmed people, but in israel killing a known terrorist who if he were incarcerated & later teleased would undoubtedly try to murder again is a far worse offense.

  8. The murderous Arabs are laughing at the stupidity of the corrupt Israeli weaklings. Hey, but at least the editorial board of the NY Times are happy. That’s all that matters.

  9. He is hopefully gonna be pardoned. The problem is that as long as he has this sentence the palestinian family can sue the IDF and this guy….

  10. Idiots idiots idiots , the government is an idiot, idf is a idiot , they all are ,because all they are trying to do is bring a sacrificial lamb to pacify the rest of the world. The world doesn’t care ,the UN doesnt care, the arabs don’t care, we just got to do what we need to and not worry what the rest of the world is going to think.


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