Outpouring of Well Wishes for Yaakov Yosef


japan-yaakov-yosefBy Rabbi Yaakov Bleich

Thank you all for the overwhelming responses and beautiful well-wishes for Yaakov Yosef Grunwald. It is heartwarming to see how so many from all around the globe have closely been following the saga of the boys in Japan.

Together, we lived along with the boys as they sat in solitary confinement. We anticipated court appearances, were filled with tension prior to a judge’s verdict, and graciously participated in covering the astronomical costs of legal fees. Mostly, we poured out our hearts together in tefilla to beseech our Av Harachamim to set these boys, our boys, free and allow them to go home to their loving families and to be able to continue on with their lives and build their futures.

As many have beautifully stated, we have shared in their distress and we can now happily share together in their simcha.

There were some who have responded by asking if there is a need at this time to assist financially to bring Yaakov Yosef to the chupa and to assist him in starting off his married life without financial worries. The answer is yes.

Let’s not forget that our chosson sat through four years of solitary confinement in a strange, faraway land. Let’s help Yaakov Yosef start his married life with menuchas hanefesh.Your assistance will go a long way in completing this tremendous mitzvah in its fullest form. You can  send in your contribution in 4 easy ways: For credit card donations click Here or https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=47TAJTHQWSNZA. (Please follow all steps to until your donation has processed. No need to have your own paypal account.) Or call 718-534-0030 or email: japanpidyon@gmail.com. Or mail your tax deductible check to: Orach Chaim Rescue Fund, c/o Rabbi Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, 521 Fifth Street, Lakewood, NJ, 08701, USA.

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