Out Of Their Minds: PETA Call Milk Drinking ‘Racist’


Peta, the animal rights group notorious for the extreme measures it takes to enforce their values unto others,  released a new video calling out the newest enemy on the liberal agenda:milk. Comparing the bovine beverage with Nazism, PETA asks its audience:

“Did you know that milk has long been a symbol used by white supremacists?”

The video ad depicts milk as the neo-Nazi drink of choice, stating that milk has “long been” a symbol used by white supremacist groups as a “thinly veiled allegory for racial purity.” The second half of the video is dedicated to showing the abuse cows on farms endure at the hands of the farm workers.


  1. So let’s just ban milk. But first I’d like to hear PETA’s plan to make sure all kids will be able to consume enough vitamin D and calcium without it. Do they really think everyone can afford to buy soy milk (and other expensive vegan products) on a daily basis?

  2. PETA is nothing about being humane to animals. PETA is about using animals to recruit useful idiots for the purpose of spreading fascism-liberalism. PETA is just another front group working for the fascist-liberal conspiracy to bring back slavery and dark ages upon humanity.

  3. When Moshiach comes, we will partake of many korbonos.

    The PETA people and other vegans will be eating Korban tomato, korban zucchini, korban kale, etc.


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