OU Wishes Mazel Tov to Jack Lew on Nomination as Treasury Secretary


jacob-lewToday, Orthodox Union applauded the nomination by President Obama of Mr. Jacob (“Jack”) Lew to be Secretary of the Treasury.

Mr. Lew is the first individual affiliated with the Orthodox Jewish community to hold this position of great responsibility. Mr. Lew has been affiliated and active with two OU member congregations over the past decade — Congregation Beth Shalom in Potomac, Maryland and the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in Bronx, New York.

Executive Director for Public Policy Nathan Diament issued the following statement: “We wish Mr. Lew a hearty “Mazal Tov” on his historic nomination and wish him well in the upcoming Senate confirmation process. President Obama’s nomination of Jack Lew to this position is a testament to his sterling reputation, and the blessing the Orthodox Jewish community continues to experience living in the United States of America.”

Rabbi Steven Weil, OU Executive Vice President, stated: “We commend President Obama for nominating Jack Lew to be Secretary of the Treasury. Our community takes great pride in his nomination to this position of great responsibility.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. He doesn’t wear a yarmulke. Does he keep kosher? Does he daven 3 times a day? Does he put on Tefillin? Is he completely Shomer Shabbos?

    Mazel Tov….

  2. To Guest2,

    Answers to your questions are as follows:

    You think just because someone in his position doesn’t wear a yarmule, his frumkeit is suspect?

  3. Let’s say you’re a President with a nasty sense of humor who didn’t particularly like Jews. You just might try to put an obedient devout Jew in charge of a Treasury that’s a giant stack of IOU’s.

  4. #1 – Do you? And how do you know he doesn’t wear a yarmulkeh? The pictures only show the front of his head 🙂 Besides, there are hetairim for not wearing a yarmulkeh in business situations where it might cause reactions. Perhaps you have other objections that you’re afraid to state?

  5. It is to our detriment to have a Jew in charge of a treasury department when their is a real risk of this country going into default over their trillions of dollars worth of dept.

  6. # 15 – kehati,

    Do you speak lashon hara’ah about another Jew? Are you motzie shem ra about another Jew’s serious concerns, in order to stifle the voice of those concerns? Is that an issur d’oraisah?


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