OU Opposes Cuts in Aid to NJ Non-Public Schools


school-busYesterday, the Orthodox Union, through its Institute for Public Affairs, testified in front of the New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee in opposition to their proposal to cut $11 million in technology and busing aid to New Jersey non-public schools. This cut would include $7 million in technology grants that even if already promised, will be rescinded; a reduction of the 30 mile extension of bus zones to schools thereby returning the busing back to the previous 20 mile zone for elementary schools and 25 mile zone for high schools; and by freezing the bussing reimbursement to nonpublic school parents at $884.00 per student.This is despite consistently demonstrating an equal need for this spending in our schools. At this time of economic disadvantage, the state threatens to make parents and children accept less and pay more.

Frum residents of New Jersey are urged to call their legislators – state Senator and/or Assemblyman – and tell them to “provide fair and equal treatment to nonpublic schools in the state of New Jersey.”

{Elisha Ferber-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. BMG keeps endorsing the same shmoes all the time. Maybe they should start endorsing candidates who actually have brains in their heads.
    What has Corzine done for NJ? How much more money does he want to take from our pockets? This state is a shambles. It’s Corrupt with a capital C. We may be a little state, but we sure have some big problems.


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