OU Mashgiach Fired from Montefiore Medical Center for Enforcing Kashrus


robert-frankThe NY Post reports: The cockroaches in one of Montefiore Medical Center’s cafeterias were definitely not kosher. But the Bronx hospital denies the charges of a food supervisor who has brought attention to the creepy crawlers, plus alleged nonkosher foods and other taboo practices in the kitchen at the Weiler Division.

The hospital fired Robert Frank, a mashgiach, this month for badmouthing and “spreading false and/or misleading information” about the cafeteria.

Frank, one of three mashgiachs at the Eastchester Road center, claims he was booted for doing his $18.55-an-hour job.

“Nonkosher food comes in all the time and is prepared by the cooks and served to unsuspecting patients and patrons,” Frank wrote Nov. 29 to Rabbi Yaakov Luban, his liaison at the Orthodox Union.

{NY Post/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Why was he employed by the medical center and not the OU? That is always a recipe for disaster: Not everyone is prepared to be moser nefesh and put his job on the line like this guy did……

  2. I dont seem to understand this story? He was fired because he said that the food wasn’t kosher? Has this information been verified? Is the food in Montefiore not kosher? I feel that this post may be a bit misleading and slanderous against the hospital. Matzav should investigate this story to make sure that this is not simply a disgruntled employee.


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