Kashrus Alert: Some Pringles are Now Dairy


Pringles has changed many of its OU pareve potato crisps to OU dairy. This may or may not be a result of a product reformulation.

If a Pringles product is marked OUD and ingredients state ‘whey’ or ‘milk,’ it is real dairy. If the ingredients don’t state ‘whey’ or ‘milk’, it is dairy equipment. Those that have the plain OU designation are pareve.

Consumers should always be careful to check for the kosher designation.



    • I ate 2 cans for shalos suedues. Next week maybe 3. They really are good and sooo thin. I love the ranch flavor very very very much.

      • Shani, I also had two cans of Pringles over Shabbos, but, unlike you, I mixed them up: 1 can of Honey BarBeQue and 1 can of Unsalted.

    • Chumra expert: Do you know the Halachas regarding the opening of a can of Pringles on Shabbos? Someone in my community just told me that it is usser to “pop-the-top” of a can of Pringles. Thanks.

  1. ♪♫ Every single Pringle potato chip is a perfect.. potato chip
    They’re not broken; fresh and crunchy, too
    The canister keeps ’em that way for you ♪♫

    ♪♫ Pringle’s Newfangled Potato Chips ♪♫


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