OU Israel to Present Q & A On Hilchos Pesach Tonight


rabbi-kuberAs part of the OU Israel’s ever expanding Torah learning experiences and OU Kashrus’s educational programs. OU Israel is proud to announce an exciting Question Answer session on Hilchos Pesach. On Sunday March 25th on the eve of the 3rd of Nissan at 8 pm in the OU Israel center Rabbi Mordechai Kuber, and Rabbi Y. Dov Krakowski will answer questions ranging all aspects of Hilchos Pesach. From Kashering and cleaning your kitchen to Kosher for Pesach product to the night of the Seder, to Hilchos Chol Hamoed, and much much more.

Rabbi Jeffry Beanenfeld will be the sessions monitor and MC. Rabbi Beanenfeld will also take part in answering some of the evenings questions.

krakowskiRabbi Kuber is director (former) of the OU Kashrus Office here in Israel, for 9 years; director (former) of Ingredient Approval for OU Global. Kashrus instructor at Ohr LaGolah and Ner Le’elef. He is a mora d’asra in Telshe Stone and a trusted source of local kashrus advice for many Rabbonim and laypersons alike.

Rabbi Krakowski is the Rabbinic Supervisor for OU Kashrus in Israel. Rabbi Krakowski served as Rov of Kehillas Torah Vechesed in Nachlaot and currently serves as a rabbinical advisor to a various minyanim and Shuls in central Jerusalem.

To send in question in advance please email your questions to: kashrut@ouisrael.org

Previously, Rabbi Bienenfeld served as the rabbi of the Young Israel of St. Louis, and in pulpits in Oshawa, Ontario and New Orleans, Louisiana. He also taught at the  Block Yeshiva High School.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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