OU Expresses Concern About Potential Effects on Charities From US Rep Camp’s Tax Reform Plan


ou-emblem2Today, the Orthodox Union expressed its concern regarding the impact that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp’s recently unveiled tax reform plan could have on the level of charitable giving in America.

Chairman Camp’s proposal hurts the charitable community in two distinct ways. Under the proposal, individuals would be allowed to deduct a maximum of only two percent of their annual gross income for their charitable donations, a severe cut from the 50 percent cap currently in place. In addition to this strict cap, other provisions in the plan would significantly limit the number of people eligible to take charitable deductions by stripping many incentives for individuals to itemize their taxes-a prerequisite for claiming charitable deductions.

Nathan Diament, Director of Public Policy for the Orthodox Union, expressed his concern for Chairman Camp’s plan for tax reform.

“Chairman Camp’s proposal is clearly at odds with America’s strong tradition of giving. Changes in his tax reform package could prove devastating to the vast majority of Jewish organizations and charities who rely on the charitable deduction for their fundraising efforts. We will work with our allies in Congress and across the nonprofit sector to prevent this proposal from being enacted.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Ironic that GOP “gospel” is that private charities, not government, should be the principal provider of social welfare assistance. And yet Rep. Camp’s reported plan would most likely drastically reduce the private giving underpinning charities. Before we mount the barricades in defense of our charities, we should realize that his tax reform plan is most likely not going to go anywhere.

    Alas that, for many, one’s decision to donate to worthy causes would hinge on the tax deductibility of such donation.

  2. ‘Ironic that GOP “gospel” is that private charities, not government, should be the principal provider of social welfare assistance. ‘

    No, the GOP gospel is that the government should do everything to increase the incomes of the wealthiest and ignore everyone else. That is why the main feature of all Republican tax proposals are cuts in the top tax rates. Something like the Camp proposal will probably be enacted should the Republicans ever get control of both houses of Congress and the White House at the same time.

  3. The proposal allows charitable deductions after you exceeed the 2% threshhold. So if you earn 100k and give 10k to charity only 8k is deductible. Whoever wrote this article didnt read the proposal

  4. Hall: no, GOP want govt to leave people alone. Taking more money because you make more doesn’t square with the fact that you use the same govt services. Cutting the top brackets means ceasing to gouge the rich just because they have deep pockets. This is a Democratic type proposal, designed to get more people on govt programs instead of private ones.


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