OU Apologizes To NY Archdiocese For Yehudah Levin Protest


weinrebRabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive vice president emeritus of the Orthodox Union, called Archbishop Timothy Dolan of the New York Archdiocese last week to express regret that Yehudah Levin held a political protest on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Levin on Wednesday publicly suspended his support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino at the iconic Manhattan church, calling on Catholic leaders to hold a conference on politics and toeivah rights.

Although Rabbi Levin is not a not a member of the Orthodox Union, Rabbi Weinreb said he felt the need to express his regret. “We have an ongoing relationship with the Archbishop and other officials of the New York Archdiocese. “I know representatives of the church felt it was inappropriate.”

Rabbi Weinreb said his message, which did not address Rabbi Levin’s speech, only the venue, was acknowledged by officials of the Archdiocese.

Read at The Jewish Week.

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  1. The OU didn’t apologize but expressed regret, realizing that rightly or wrongly it reflected on people beyond R’ L’s circle. Only the perpetrator of an action can apologize.

  2. I would think that it is halochacly forrbiden to use such a place foe any purpose (just like it can not be used as a way to give directions).

    Is there a heter?

  3. although it was really right for r levin to say what he said. SOMTHINGS YOU DONT SAY IN PUBLIC, LET ALONE IN FRONT OF A CHURCH!!! and if u disagree with me its also with dass torah as this article proves.

  4. Well, I thought at the time that the location was not appropriate. But also, when Rabbi Levin said “If you want forgiveness, this is the place” (or words to that effect), and he indicated the church. I thought that was an apikorsisher remark to make.

  5. 1) Why does Rabbi Weinreb get the title Rabbi while Rabbi Levin is stripped of it?

    2) Rabbi Levin held a press conference there. Whatever you think of it, to refer to it as a political protest alone is leaving out some important information and context.

    3) To say that it was held on the steps of the cathedral is somewhat misleading. It was held in front of the place, not on the steps. If it was held on a public sidewalk it would seem to be legal. Whether it was a good idea is a separate question.

    4) A question to consider would be if other press conferences have been held there. If yes, it would seem that this is not such a big tayneh.

    5) While it is true that the place seems odd for an orthodox Rabbi, nevertheless, since Rabbi Levin has had long-standing relationships with Catholic clergy, for example, he met Cardinal O’Connor at his residence behind the cathedral years ago, it is not as odd and out of place as it seems.

  6. Rabbi levin is a fighter. When you’re extinguishing a fire sometimes you use dirty water but to criticize someone actually confronting major moral corruption is wrong. If you want to be effective, you can’t be Mr. Media Darling. It won’t work. If you want to be Mr. Media Darling promote immorality and Barney Frankism

  7. Dear Avi,

    Women not covering their hair in public is not an issur erva. You sir should keep your pronouncements to yourself as you do not know Halachah at all. (Meaning you are an Am HaAretz)

  8. To Mr. Ben Torah,

    As per Rabbi Shane, no other Hashgocho could function without the OU. Every Hashgochoch must begin with the OU for their supervision on raw product. OUs hashgochoh sets the standard for kashrut in every segment of food services. So please keep to yourself.

  9. I think Rabbi Levin uses poor judgement but does Rabbi T.H. Weinreb support toeivah marriage? Why doesnt he make such a statement? Many Non jews do- do we have less convictions for our torah?

  10. “I would think that it is halochacly forrbiden to use such a place foe any purpose (just like it can not be used as a way to give directions).”
    Do you have a makor for your parenthetical psak?

  11. Rabbi Levin is following the Daas Torah of his rebbe, Rav Avigdor Miller. Rav Miller was very clear on who to go for: the most socially conservative candidate.

  12. Hi things to consider, im here to answer all your “considerations”
    1) Becasue Rabbi Weinreb doesnt try to be mechalel shem shamyim as much as posible.
    2) Yehuda Levin isnt important enough to be holding press confrences. It was a protest.
    3) think of it as the “ground zero mosque” its not actually on ground zero, just to close for comfort
    4) No they are not, and it still would be for example there are plenty people who pray there, that doesnt make it ok for a Jew to. In other words just becasue its done, doesnt make it ok for a frum person.
    5)It is, see #4

    Hope that helps


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