OU and RCA Repudiate Statement by Israeli Rabbinic Group Denouncing John Kerry


rca-emblemToday, the leaderships of the Rabbinical Council of America and the Orthodox Union issued the following statement:

“It has been reported that a group of rabbis in Israel calling themselves ‘The Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel’ has issued a letter denouncing Secretary of State John Kerry and his Israeli – Palestinian peace process efforts. The reports indicate that in the letter these rabbis engaged in extreme and offensive rhetoric, and seem to arrogate to themselves unusual insight into the desires of the Almighty. The letter also claims these rabbis represent hundreds of other rabbis around the world.

“We, the leadership of the RCA and the OU, repudiate this letter and the rhetoric they have deployed. While the people of Israel and Jews around the world may properly possess serious concerns about proposals Secretary Kerry is putting forth, such concerns must only be expressed with civility and on the substance of the issues, not degenerating into personal venom and threats.

“We have personally engaged in discussions about these matters with Secretary Kerry and other Obama Administration officials, and while we may disagree with their views we have found no reason to question their intentions in pursuing this effort – which are to, as they see it, support the long term security and welfare of Israel, as well as the United States.

“The letter of the Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel may represent the views of its signators; it does not represent ours.”


  1. While I don’t disagree with this statement I would like to understand why the RCA is so quick to come out regarding matters external to the RCA but refuses to deal with it’s own internal problems?

    How the RCA has turned a blind eye to the actions and activities of its member Ave Weiss is beyond comprehension. Why do they choose not to censure him for his outrageous statements and behavior?

    In my opinion, until they clean house of this threat to Orthodox Jewry by expelling him from the RCA they have no pischon peh on any other matters.

  2. To #1: Where is the Kiddush Hashem???? The Committee to Save the Land of Israel is the only group who has the courage to speak out against the true intentions of Kerry (Kari): to destroy Israel by giving away Land for Piece. He is arrogant and narcissistic who would do anything to force Israel to comply with his insane policies.

  3. Kerry and the U.S. government have no right taking rulership of land from Israel and giving it to people who want to destroy it. Hashem gave Israel to the Jewish people and no one has any right to give it to anyone. We have seen in the past that giving away land in Israel has had a damaging effect on Israel’s security and has only resulted in the Arabs wanting more land.

  4. Until they come out and unequivocally denounce Avi Weiss and YCT as a whole, and forbid their member congregations from hiring them, anything they say as representatives of “Orthodox” Judaism is completely meaningless. Do they stand for Torah or not?

  5. I don’t understand why they saw fit to respond. It pretty much reminds me the middle ages times – the appeasing dances in front of the Paritz. The people in Eretz Yisroel are fighting – bear handed – against the whole world, for their homes and land (which ultimately will be our homeland too) while handful of their brothers, on the other side of the ocean, feel they can teach them how to fight this critical battle!???

  6. I am disappointed with the response to the open letter this committee wrote against Kerry. It takes courage to go against the tide and the fearless actions of the rabbonim of the Committee to Save Israel is to be commended not derided.

    Yasher Koach to the rabbis of The Committee to Save the Land of Israel. They are true yerei shomayim.

  7. Avi Weiss spits on the Mesorah and trains people even more ignorant than he to do the same, and attacks the RCA and the Rabbanut in a letter to the Times, and that letter is used by the PLO, and THIS is what the RCA opens their mouth about??? Pathetic pathetic pathetic!!!

  8. Hashem took the Land away from us, and we will only get.it back with Moshiach – the current State of Israel has nothing to do with the Jewish People

  9. Kerry’s position is much closer to that of the Israel government Remember that the last five Israeli Prime Ministers have endorsed a Palestinian State.

  10. they-the comittee to save the land of israel are acting in accordance with the halacha in jewish law shulchan aruch siman chof tes si`if zayin.”that it is forbiden to give away land”.look it up.

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