Orthodox Union On Orlando Attack: “No American Should Be Assailed Due To His Or Her Personal Identity”


The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America released a statement condemning the terror attack that claimed the lives of 49 people in Orlando on Sunday morning.

In a statement, Nathan Diament, the Orthodox Union’s executive director for public policy,said, “The Orthodox Union strongly condemns the violent attack perpetrated this past weekend in Orlando, Florida. While all the facts surrounding the terrible crime are yet to be revealed, it is clear that those people who were murdered and grievously injured were targeted because of their identification with the LGBT community. All people of good will must condemn such violence. No American should be assailed due to his or her personal identity. All acts of terrorism against any group must be vigorously defended against and thwarted.”

“The Orthodox Union expresses its sincere condolences to the families of those who perished and prays for the full recovery of those injured. We support the work of law enforcement to fully investigate this terrible incident and bring to justice anyone who supported the perpetrator.”



  1. Now that we know the killer was a Muslim, will the Liberals wake up? Aren’t the Liberals aware of what takes place in Arab countries? Why are they bending over backwards to accommodate these Muslims, when they allegedly go against the very “tolerance” they stand for?

    • I am a classic liberal and what woke up with the Orlando Terror this week was more conversation that we must control the hate in America as well as consider what a horrible world it would be if the hate continues in the future.

      Hate of Liberalism, hate of Israel, homophobia, islamophobia, racism and so many more conditions of hate. They are discussed freely online between criminals and hate minds.

      I could wonder if the idea of a wake up call is more fingers pointing at liberals and anyone else in blame. Could be scary if The Torah that Has Life makes men who blame the nicer population on the new era of terror easier to distinguish in many places. I am certain that your new paranoia for the learned and educated elite ease of good faith in G-d is a terror in of itself.

      Still, I will be glad that if Mr. Trump bears away from our future by being defeated, the nicer people who have better conversations in America will continue to lead our society.

      This is sad that even a jew yourself feel that the ones to wake up are the ones who have good books in their hand and readings to do daily. Perhaps your wake up is that they are not even blinking when you are warring over just the soup you want to eat before it is served by a bad conversation and a hard mind.

      Liberals did not start the holocaust and they did not train Osama Bin Laden. Who is your enemy?

      Clearly we are dealing with a hate era where the innocent are placed in hate contempt and the right to become educated and think for yourself is clouded by Fox news and other hate media bent on making the random rich bet on becoming richer and the lost poor become more impoverished.

      Sadly, this era is not over yet, but I will bet that as good elections find good leaders, can we only hope that Mr. Trump is not our future. I will go to bed afraid to even go out to the store. That is how bad it is for a jew with a beard in a world with antisemitism and no fear of G-d.

      Scared indeed. But G-d is real. So lets have faith in G-d and let Torah be our wake up call. It will guide the best to the softer holier future with hope and good faith.


      • Islamaphobia is a term coined by none other than the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization from which Hamas was born, to silence critics of Islam. The fact that you cited it in your comment shows how little you understand the power of that term and its use means. Donald Trump, for all of his faults (and he has many), is right on with his attacks on Radical Islam. Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, he knows that we have to identify who our enemy is and the ideology that drives them in order to fight them, not put our heads in the sand as Hillary will likely do if she become prez.

  2. It’s not so obvious. It’s more like a distraction from his actual target: Americans. Non-Muslims. That they were patrons of that kind of club just added a little more satisfaction but it’s doubtful that was his sole motivation.

  3. No one is saying that this terrible act if terror is good. However the place was TOEIVA!!!! we should and must be clear that we do NOT support such acts. Its not simple “personal identity” its TOEIVA!!! which the Torah says is a chiyuv ………….
    Living in denial will not bring an end to suffering.
    May the rbs”o grant us the seichal hayashar to see it for what it is.

  4. Common, which moron would think this has anything to do with which particular …. someone is?

    This was a tragedy that costs the lives of 50 plus human beings. Aside from the fact that it was a club, although g’d does everything for a reason, silence is no medicine.

  5. למה בכלל ה 0-ין היה צריך לפתוח הפה. הם היו צריכים לשב בשקט ולא להגיד כלום. בושה וחרפה אפילו להוציא המילה איך קורים אנשים אילו. צריך להחיות עם הגוים לא צריך לחפס למצא חן בעיניהם

  6. Who asked them to say anything?!?!? Who asked them?! Of course you can’t go out and say something positive about this, but to give a statement supporting lgbt?!?!? How could they?!

    Thirty years ago, not two hundred, not a hundred, not even fifty, such a club would be considered the most disgusting of entities by 95% of the population in the US. The immoral, anti G-d, leftist, decadent press pushed and pushed and pushed until this abomination actually is an accepted “community”. Most of the US electorate is nebach brain dead (polls give hillary a serious lead over trump, who’s also not mi yodea mah), so eventually they bought into all the depravity the media sold them. But for orthodox jews to accept such filth?!

    Of course nobody should pick up a gun and shoot anybody, but to go and say how terrible it is – we can be old fashioned; 50, 40 or probably even 30 years ago, most of the country was moral enough to have said “good job”. We don’t have to join the masses of idiots and immorals; it claims to represent the Torah. One of the fundamentals of Judaism, is that morality is neither relative or something that can be changed over time. The Torah’s morals are both absolute and eternal!

  7. The OU is not endorsing such behavior, just saying that in this malchus shel chessed, such an attack is a heinous crime, regardless of who the targets are.
    I don’t have a problem with this.

    • Foolish

      Was Cana’an a malchus shel chessed??

      They were all in all,very tolerant

      WE still were commanded to wipe them out
      How come??

      Once USA was a malchus shel chessed,but today….

      A malchus shel chessed IS ONLY a country that HAS APPROPRIATE VALUES and still makes room for us

  8. Everyone chill out. The ou didn’t support the LGBT lifestyle. All they said they condemn killing . By the way Hitler yemach Shemo sent the toeivahs to concentration camps with the Jew’s . Chazal say we should be mispalel for Sholom malchus otherwise men will destroy each other that includes random murder. Some so called religious person posted a facebook video applauding the killings the massive chilul Hashim is inconceivable that is what the ou is trying to address the massive chilul the video engendered.

    • Would you say the same about Amalek?

      there are two מקורות that this was intrinsic to Amalek ,and these people fall within the definition of Amalek

  9. “Some so called religious person posted a facebook video applauding the killings”
    he might be foolhardy

    “the massive chilul Hashim is inconceivable”

    Most goyim, that have been my contacts,say the opposite.They have wondered how come jews are so silent ?if the jews still stand for any morals?

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