Orthodox Tefillos At Reform Kosel


Dozens of the Old City’s Ateres Yerushalayim Yeshiva’s students daven Mincha every weekday at the egalitarian Kosel, choosing the afternoon to avoid interfering with egalitarian services that sometimes take place there in the morning.

On Shabbos and yomim tovim, the students are joined by Yeshivas Hakosel which brings a mechitzah and crowds of up to 100. The tefillos are a protest against the plan to build a large, permanent egalitarian prayer pavilion at the site.

Several American Reform and Conservative leaders were dismayed at the sight and complained that the mechitzah might make it uncomfortable or impossible for pluralistic men and women to pray together there.

Masorti movement head attorney Yizhar Hess condemned the use of the place for gender-separate prayer as a “provocation” and “incompatible with the right of freedom of religion.”

But Oren Henig, spokesman of the Liba National Religious organization, said that the thousands of Jews who pray there represent the silent majority, as opposed to the Reform movements that use the wall as a political tool and leave it desolate.

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. The Kosel itself is NOT “egalitarian” or “reform.”

    The area discussed in the above article is the area that’s unfortunately designated for the prayer of those misguided people who consider themselves “egalitarian” or “reform.” 🙁

  2. why make machlokes for no reason? we are in galus (according to Rashi and Unkelos in Parshas Bo, we could say all of the leftists and secularists are “ben neicher”). The Satmar Ruv zya was correct, we should not be going to the koisel. It is just making machlokes and chillul Hashem. Let the reform have their wall, we have Hashem, melo kol ha’aretz Kvodo!


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