Orthodox Jews for Trump Campaign for 2020


Heshy Friedman of Orthodox Jews for Trump 2020​ speaking to reporters at Trump Tower about the Orthodox Jewish Campaigns for 2020.



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  1. It would be a chilul Hashem of the highest order for any Yid to support the re-election of Trump, the menuval in chief. Have we learned nothing?

  2. he said he is entitled to grab women by their private parts and this week he said that some neo nazis doing the nazi salute and carrying nazi flags with swastikas are ‘fine people.’ how any jew, especially, how any frum jew can vote for him is beyond absurd. did he move the embassy to jerusalem as he promised to do on ‘day one’? how could he not mentione jews in his statement on international holocaust rememberance day? how could he refuse to condemn anti semitism and belittle a frum reporter at a press conference? frum jews who vote for him are enabling a nazi sympathizer and a disgusting, lying human being. he lies every day, ten times a day. this is who frum jews are going to vote for — again? Hashem yirachem.

    • First of all Trump never said nazis are fine people. He condemned nazis and klan. The wild meshigoyim who protest Trump are the atheistic and lefty young crowd who are anti Israel as well as anti Torah on every level. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is opposed by the Israeli leadership as they fear what violence it would cause just as the metal detectors at the har habayis. There are good reasons why we voted for Trump. Imagine Chas Vesholom Hillary would of been elected. She promised to open the doors to many more possible terrorist than Obama did. Look what just happened in Spain. The Supreme Court would become full of liberal anti Torah judges if Hillary got elected. Yeshiva’s would be forced to compromise their values or face closure. Look what’s going on because of the atheistic leadership in England and other countries where Yeshiva’s must teach evolution and alternative lifestyles. The greatest miracle is the election of Trump. His close longtime lawyers are frum yidden. Who was Hillarys closest confident? Huma the ex wife of Anthony Weiser. She was no friend of our people. Enough said.

  3. I as a brooklyn Yid I’m proud that we helped trump get elected. Every frum community did. Boro park,williamsburg,crown heights,seabgate,flatbush,monsey,monroe,Lakewood,deal,possaic,Cleveland,north Miami as well as in Philadelphia.some people ask about Skver that had a problem because they owed Hillarys husband a favor. But their is a secret in this. At the end of the severer siddurim by shemona esrai they added the words to be saved from isha Roh. Who else but Hillary is an isha roh. They prayed secretly to be speared from this evil woman. Yes Trump2020

  4. look what’s happened around the world. Terrorism and the liberal left looks the other way. It’s time to wake up as all the college campuses are being infiltrated and influenced against Israel by the radical Islamic students. Jewish secular youth are falling for the propaganda. The few klan looneys marching in Virginia are a joke. It’s the millions of young american kids being destroyed through liberal professors all over the country. They oppose America as well as Israel. Go on any college campus. See for yourself. We must support Trump in his push back from of socialism and twisted ideas. Stand up for Trump.

  5. Refuah Shleima to all frum yidden who are head over heels in love with a person who relishes dehumanizing and denigrating others. Frum brooklyn and lakewood yidden love this. They love a bully. They admire this. Boruch Hashem, thousands (as attested by my followers) of out-of-town frum yidden recognize this and abhor this man. And frum brooklyn yidden are in love with a person whom Nazis love. Yes, long before the elections, years before, famous Nazis wrote about the two people whom they most admire: Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. This literature is readily available for anyone who genuinely seeks the truth — for those who are not afraid to take their heads out of the sand. Shlomo Hamelech writes “Ish Lfi Mehalilo”, which is explained as, judge a man by those he praises. There you have it. Sadly, the entire focus of the frum velt is ‘what’s in it for me’. How Trump benefits us. Our frum community, How he will (and has) installed conservative judges, how he will (and has) stood up for Israel, etc…. The focus is on us. How he is good for our community. That’s the focus and the sole criteria. May the Ribono Shel Olam protect you all from your narrow mindedness. Gratefully, so far, Hashem has seen fit to employ His middah of “Shomir Pesoim”. May He continue to protect us from this selfish human and may the time come when you finally realize our decision on whom to vote for, should be based on what is good for America — not us.

  6. Naturally, the ‘moderator’, who epitomizes the ‘what’s in it for us’ focus will not publish my comments. May Hashem protect us all even those who openly week-after-week shower praises upon a man who denigrates other human beings. Yes, “Ish L’fe Mehalilo.”


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