Orthodox Jew Suing US for False Arrest on Spying Charges


tenennbaumDavid Tenenbaum, of Detroit, Michigan, has said that he and his wife Madeline are suing the United States Justice and Defense departments for $200 million for false security complaints against him. The suit charges that investigators “falsely accused Tenenbaum of being an Israeli spy on the sole basis that Tenenbaum is Jewish.”
The Tenenbaums, who are frum, previously lost a religious discrimination lawsuit filed after he was suspended from his Pentagon job in 1997 for 14 months before being cleared of all charges. He has since returned to his job at the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, but his lawyer argued that the probe damaged his career and that he is shunned by colleagues.His job included the design and development of safer combat vehicles, such as Humvees, and his work brought him into contact with other countries, including Israel.

The new lawsuit charges that the military used the government’s state secrets privilege “in reckless disregard of the fact that no state secrets existed … because there was never any evidence against Tenenbaum.”

A Pentagon inspector-general, at the request of Michigan Democratic Senator Carl Levin, released a report last July admitting that Tenenbaum was “subjected to unusual and unwelcome scrutiny because of his faith and ethnic background, a practice that would undoubtedly fit a definition of discrimination.”

The report noted that Tenenbaum, 51, wore a yarmulka and observed kashrus, separating him from colleagues at restaurants where they lunched. The co-workers questioned Tenenbaum’s being allowed to leave early on Friday in order to prepare for Shabbos and also had stated he spent too much time associating with Israelis, raising suspicions that he was a spy.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/INN}


  1. Nebach…
    Golus is a golus is a golus…
    But remember that Reb Dovid, n’i, tzorres started under the rule of the “messiah” of the “reform jews”–WJ and HR Clintoon, imach shmoi.
    There is a new “messiah”, who is a Tzar now; we’ll see what would happen with those who wear yarmulkes, don’t go to treif restaurants…
    Hashem Yatzilehu!..


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