Opinion: The Jewish Obligation To Vote For Morality


vote-poll-electionBy Miriam Perlstein

As Jews, we have an obligation to object to the corruption and immorality that exists today. We have to ignore “political correctness” and be more concerned about “moral correctness.” We were chosen to teach the universally accepted laws that Hashem wants and expects the world to observe. That’s our job, and, unfortunately, so many of us are ignoring our job.

I don’t deny that it’s risky. There is a united, powerful “toeivah movement,” backed by the mainstream media, which viciously attacks any of its critics. It’s obvious that no matter how many times those who practice the toeivos are mollified and told that their behavior is a normal variation, rather than a perverted deviation, they’re still not satisfied. They are probably not thoroughly convinced of their innocence and suffer pangs of guilt. Otherwise, why would they care if somebody disagrees with them? Why do they pounce on their critics? Do those who pander to them and try to assuage their guilt feelings really believe their behavior is normal and acceptable? Probably some do and many do not. But most of their supporters, particularly the politicians, don’t want to risk arousing the wrath of this highly excitable group.

Regardless of their reactions, we have to show the world that we are opposed to and disgusted by the toeivos practiced by these people. It is forbidden to vote for a candidate who supports same-gender marriages, no matter how much money he pledges to give to you or your organization, school or project. If Hashem wants you to receive that money, you will receive it from another source. To believe otherwise is apikorsus. The gedolim of the previous generation and this generation have instructed us to vote for the candidates who adhere to moral standards.  It should even take precedence over their attitudes towards the Land of Israel. Lev melachim vesarim b’yad Hashem. Hashem controls the rulers and He protects Eretz Yisroel.

It is obvious that, today, the Republican/Conservative party is the party of morality. The Democrats, on the other hand, support same-gender marriage. This is not a new concept; in fact, it’s quite old. Over 4,000 years ago, the Dor Hamabul, in addition to their other vices, decided to legalize same-gender marriage. It was then that the decree to wipe out that evil generation, with the exception of Noach and his family, was made. The people were drowned in boiling hot water; it could not have been a pleasant experience. Why do so many people refuse to learn the lessons that history teaches us?

Today’s Democratic party is also in favor of pre-birth, partial-birth and post-birth abortions. They call themselves “pro choice,” as if using a euphemism could hide the fact that this action is outright murder. Today’s Democratic party is clearly not a moral one.

I wonder why there are Jews who preach the leftist radical ideology and their support of immoral behavior. What do they expect to accomplish by rejecting the laws of the Torah and pushing behavior that is forbidden by the Torah? Perhaps they think that such behavior is necessary to be accepted and respected by the non-Jewish world. The irony is that nothing could be further from the truth. Christian Evangelists and other members of the moral majority in this country resent them immensely. They accuse them of attempting to do away with the morality that has always been part of this country’s makeup. As for the Jewish lawyers who fight for the leftist agenda and provide legal support for criminals, they are despised by Americans. The ACLU, where several leftist Jewish lawyers work, is one of the most hated groups in this country. Thus, the Jews who betray the laws of the Torah are actually responsible for increasing anti-Semitism in the United States.

To counter balance the leftist Jews, I think it would be a kiddush Hashem if Orthodox Jews would publicly and vocally oppose legislation that is contrary to the Torah and support honest and moral politicians. Let the public know that there are many Jews who are moral and ethical and whose values reflect an acceptance of Hashem’s laws.

With regard to the State of Israel, Governor Romney and most Republicans are true friends of Israel and are concerned with its welfare and that of the Jewish people. President Obama, on the other hand, is not a true friend of Israel. His preposterous suggestion that Israel return to its pre-1967 borders revealed how totally unconcerned he was about the lives and welfare of the Israeli people.

I have heard that many Jews vote for Democrats because they feel that their parents voted for them and they’re expected to keep up the tradition. I’d like to inform those people that the Democrats of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s were very different than today’s Democrats. An intelligent voter should study today’s candidates and ignore those of the past,. In addition, the myth held by the past generation, that the Democrats were generally better to the Jews than the Republicans were, was incorrect. It wasn’t true then and it’s certainly not true today.

In summation, I’m asking that you make sure to vote for the proper candidates, those who are honest, moral, eager to solve this country’s many problems and smart enough to know how to do it. We cannot guarantee results. But it is our obligation to vote for the right candidate and pray that he wins. That’s what we can do. Hashem will take care of everything else.

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  1. You mean to tell me that I must vote for “aku’m’ who may or may not support ‘to’evah’ even though this “akum” is against money for yeshivahs, Money for section 8 (for the needy only) ad is against Israel (this affects most “hareidi jews in Israel) just so that there should be no ‘to’evah” laws
    which probably won’t affect any othodox jew?????

  2. Just be careful – the louder we are the more they will come against us and dictate and create laws that target our antagonism to their cause.

  3. Morality is more than just judging the general community for their adipose idea of having same gender marriage. The fact is that there is immorality in the form of perjury, inconsistencies and also delinquent judgement and we find that all in the GOP today.

    It goes without showing that the above article proposes to use Torah as an Axe to make a better world. This is not the place for a Jewish soul.

    Israel has a connection to morality as well as dignity and honor and humanity. I as a voter mostly feel that today, the Democratic party represents these ideals very well.

    In reality we do not do toeiva marriage in our institutions and we never will. What the world choses is not our outcry. We are a light to the world. Not a lamppost for the bottom of society.

  4. All of us want a more moral society.

    But, does “morality” not extend to other issues as well?

    Health Care, for instance?

    How is it that you are so certain that HASHEM does not view universal access to health care as every much as big of a moral and ethical issue as the others you describe?

    Personally, excepting the matter of Eretz Yisroel, I am not so sure that the Republican platform (leaving millions without health care) is more in line with Torah’s vision of moral society than the Democrats’ is.

  5. This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read here, and that is saying something.

    Where does it say that the dor hamabul legalized same gender marriage? Where does it say that that was why they got punished the way they did

    The reason why people in the 40s voted democrat was because of such wonderful things like allowing Jews to take off work on shabbos without the fear of getting fired.

    As for abortion, there are times when a rov will allow it, even pasken for it, yet our republican friends will insist that it is illegal and in ethical. Which is better, to outlaw all or to allow all? I have no idea, but don’t know. But neither side is halacha here

  6. vote what’s good for you – VOTE PRESIDENT ROMNEY INTO THE WHITE HOUSE and you won’t have the disastrous four years we had now.,

  7. I can not for Obama and co. because his section 8, food stamp and healthcare (etc.)programs are creating too many “laydegayirs”(loafers on government support)

    “VHobotalah Mavey L’Yeday…

  8. Because the Torah explicitly states the severity of the crime of mishkov zuchor. it does not mention obamacare once, even in positive light.

  9. 012:

    Learn some Torah:
    The Medrash (Vayikra Rabba 23:9) blames the Mabul on society’s immorality which sunk to the level of “ad shekasvu Gumasiyos”, where they wrote marriage contracts for males with males and males with animals.

    Learn some history:
    The Democrats in the 40’s didn’t pass federal legislation to protect Shabbos observers from being fired; that didn’t happen until the Bush administration in 2007.

    Learn some facts:
    The overwhelming majority of Republicans support abortion to protect the life and health of the mother, as does Halacha.

  10. Answering Comment #6: Midrash Rabba in Bereshit, speaks of the Ketuvot written between man and man plus man and animals, “Katvu Gimimseot (ketuvot) le-zachar ve-behema”

  11. Personally, I would suggest that Torah requires us to vote for dignity and ethics rather than what you think is the calling of morality. G-d is a god of returns on your investments and if you think that the sapping ways of today are your unorthodox affiliation of perversion, you are missing the forest through the trees.

  12. 10, Your Torah doesn’t mention helping the less fortunate with their needs? Might need to be checked by a reliable sofer.

  13. To Slonim:

    Ever heard of Ahavas Chaessed?

    Do you believe in it?

    Well, there’s nothing more lacking in chessed than having a society where many, many people have no access to health care.

    (BTW, may I offer a guess that you and your family get their health care from the gov’t? Funny you should be against Obamacare. Maybe you think that you deserve it, but others do not?)

  14. Is Matzav so desperate for content that they will publish every pathetic rant from anyone? I don’t know the writer and I am sure she is very moral, but why is she not horrified by the Mormons who missionize our children, and whose morality is the core belief system of Romney? Why can’t we accept that both candidates have strong and weak moral stances, when viewed through the lens of a frum yid? and then vote how you want to, not how some holier-than-thou bloggista tells you to.

  15. The environment is such that they don’t want to listen to us anyway. By antagonizing them we will simply bring unnecessary attention to ourselves – causing a backlash against us and forcing us, in our communities, institutions etc. to respect such rights. The environment is just not right for us to be busy with these issues. I honestly think we are better off keeping quiet and getting whatever we deserve for our institutions and community. But we can’t Chas V’sholom ever support such issues – that would be a terrible Chillul Hashem. We do however have to be politically expedient and not a “chosid shotah”.

  16. Where does it say that the dor hamabul legalized same gender marriage? Where does it say that that was why they got punished the way they did.

    Birashies Rabbah 26-9
    any other questions?

  17. Shame on you Miriam Perlstein for taking a terrible tragedy and using it to foment cruel and unabashed hatred and propaganda.

  18. Dear Mrs Perlstein,

    While I respect that you have your own opinions, I honestly cannot believe that you would publish such statements. As an Orthodox Jew I find them highly offensive. I think it shows a lack of sensitivity as well as a lack of acceptance.

    Moreover, aside from the election I think that we all need to learn how to accept people for who they are. A person is still a person no matter who they love and the same goes for if they are Jewish. Who are we to say who is a good Jew and who is not? Just like I do not judge you or think you are a bad person for writing these comments, you should have more respect for people and not be so fast to judge. The fact of the matter is, until you have the right to love someone taken away from you, I don’t think you will be able to understand how hurtful you are being.

  19. We vote Pro Life. We vote for traditional marriage. We can’t wait to get rid of Uncle Joe Bite Me! We can’t stand him!

  20. Date: Monday, November 5, 2012, 4:41 PM

    Dear Rav Noson,

    I am writing to you in accordance with your request that I clarify in writing the position of my father zatz”l regarding the legalization of homosexual marriages and euthanasia. Please be informed that my father zatz”l battled with mesiras nefesh against all attempts to legitimize homosexuality.

    It goes with out saying my father zatzal was against the legalization of euthanasia which he considered to be real retzicha (real bloodshed).

    I find it unfortunate that the Leadership of our community has changed it’s attitudes and priorities and is not leading in fighting against attempts to legitimize marriages that only a few years ago was considered an abomination not only by the Torah but by the general community..

    sincerely yours,

    Moshe Soloveitchik
    Chicago, Illinois

  21. Our purpose and goal in this world (and the only way to cause Moshiach)is to be a “Ohr LaGoyim”

    That was/is Rav Hirsch in one line.


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