Opinion: Lakewood Measles Hysteria


An opinion piece by by Judi Franco, NJ101.5

NJ1015 – The hysteria regarding measles in Lakewood is a mystery to me. But then, again the hysteria involving many childhood diseases that have been “eradicated” by vaccinations also puzzles me.

The same hysteria has now been attached to the flu and to chickenpox — normal childhood diseases that we all had and we all got over, but now because of marketing, we all think we’re going to die from all of them.

When I was young we all got the measles, the mumps, whooping cough and chickenpox. And no one died from them. (Well, actually, some people did but there were so few that we never even heard about it.)

And although no one has been able to conclusively tie vaccinations to scary, long-term, disabling childhood injuries, no one can unilaterally disprove the connection either. Having been through measles and mumps and chickenpox and flu and coming out of them fine, as we all did back then, I can tell you it’s a much less scary risk to have the disease than to possibly turn into a vegetable as many children have after receiving some of these childhood vaccinations.

Yes, i repeat the POSSIBLE risks from the vaccinations themselves seem MUCH scarier to me than the risk of death. But that’s probably cause my sisters and I and all of my friends and cousins and classmates and the rest of America had ‘em all. And we’re all (mostly) just fine.

And even if you throw around statistics, saying “well one in 1,000 cases of measles actually leads to death! Are you willing to gamble with YOUR child’s life?” I’m really not that impressed. I’d rather roll the dice. Because I know a girl who died from complications from an infection that began with an ingrown toenail and a man in perfect health who died from an abscess in his tooth that turned into sepsis.

There are some things in life you’re not gonna prevent, no matter what.

So stop panicking and enjoy your life. While you’re busy worrying about your kids getting the measles, you could get run over by a truck crossing the street to get the vaccine. And even if your kid gets measles, trust me he’s probably going to be fine. In my generation we all had it and we’re all here to tell the tale.




  1. this is a misguided piece by an uninformed individual. i am a physician. measles most certainly is a cause for concern and citizens should be in uproar at individuals who refuse vaccination. those individuals should not only be banned but also criminally charged. and no amount of torah scholarship outweighs anti-vaccination ignorance

  2. Hurray for Matzav. Keep this measles hoax going. Keep publishing more and more stories about vaccinations. Keep beating a dead horse. I hope that’s all you talk about at the Shabbos table. Measles vaccines measles vaccines measles vaccines measles vaccines measles vaccines measles vaccines. Did you hear that kinderlach? Remember to tell your Morah.

  3. That’s comforting, so let’s abstain from the polio vaccine as well since ALL vaccines have risks. Now, let’s abstain from diet soda because aspartame causes cancer, it’s proven. Let’s abstain from going outside because global warming will change our genetic structure and will cause our einkel to have serious muscle-skeletal disease, just ask Professor Gore. Let’s abstain from going to doctors at all as they are shills for pharmaceutical companies and none of these drugs really work. Let’s abstain from using a preponderance of evidence as a means to come to conclusions, best to have two or three “knowledgeable” people tell us what is the truth. And while we’re at it, let’s make sure that the entertainment division controlled news of every major TV outlet is our source of truth.

  4. Wow! Medical advice from a talk show host. Can anyone who suffers complications from the measles sue her for spreading ant-vax propaganda?

  5. This is a silly argument. No one is saying that you should be “hysterical” just that you SHOULD get the shot. The “we lived through it” argument is false. We lived through the dark ages too, do you want to get Pneumonic plague (its even curable now).

    Any contagious disease that is preventable should be prevented at all costs. The prevention is empirically proven (80%), dangerous side affects are not. I would even say this by a non fatal disease. (I believe at least one jewish child died from measles this year)

    • Since most children (over 86%) who die from measles received vaccination, we can assume – if this story is bichlall true – that this child also received a shot. Did you inquire if this story is true at all or just want to add to the measles hysteria?

  6. So because you survived measles, people should not get the shot and avoid it? People 100 years ago survived without electricity and way more people die of electrocution every year (in 2016, 390 electrocutions of construction workers alone according to OSHA, not including regular people or electrical fires VS. 122 deaths from ALL vaccines according to the Politifact). Should we stop using electricity, because people lived without it and it kills a lot of people? Or, should we accept that people die from everything, and tens or hundreds of thousands of people not getting measles outweighs concerns of the maybe 10 or 20 out of 122 who die specifically from the measles vaccine.

    • Had you read the article properly instead of skimming it, you’d have read that s/he just wanted to point out that measles, like chicken pox, was a normal childhood disease and most people did not die from it (as fake studies are trying to convince you). On the other hand, many children have become autistic, neurological damaged and other long-term injuries from vaccinations. In short, who’d want to risk their child becoming a zombie if getting measles is safer?

      • According to the CDC: In the decade before 1963 when a vaccine became available, nearly all children got measles by the time they were 15 years of age. It is estimated 3 to 4 million people in the United States were infected each year. Also each year, among reported cases, an estimated 400 to 500 people died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and 1,000 suffered encephalitis (swelling of the brain) from measles.
        These are reliable statistics/facts. Where are your statistics/facts that support your claim that “many children have become autistic, neurological damaged and other long-term injuries from vaccinations”?

        • What are you talking about? This is a lie from the CDC. Most children before 1963 got measles as little kids between 2 and 8. This is proof that CDC is full of baloney, lies and propaganda. Your grandmother would confirm this.

      • So the people dying from measles (it’s not a study, just simple hospital records) are somehow fake. But the one study showing a link between vaccines and autism, which has been thoroughly debunked and was so egregiously wrong that the author lost his medical license- THAT was real! lol.

        • If this site would allow the truth be posted about vaccine causing autism you wouldn’t be so quick to believe CDC’s lies. Most children who got the measles then before 1963 did not die. Rarely, rarely was there a death. Go look it up in the public library newspapers of that time, and stop believing CDC’s fabrications and propaganda.

  7. Why does you feel the need to publish this nonsense?

    Your’e trying to show that your’e ‘unbiased’, but there’s a chance you will swing some who may have been on the fence.

  8. When my grandparents were growing up, there wasn’t really antibiotics available….people got things like UTI and Strep…some died some are here to tell the tale…clearly this kind of rationale is very small minded.
    although you are entitled to your opinion, but what your opinion is essentially being reduced to how you perceive the value of life ( yes even that 1 in 1000)

    you stating “Are you willing to gamble with YOUR child’s life?” I’m really not that impressed. I’d rather roll the dice.”
    suggests on some level you don’t recognize the gift of life

  9. 1 in 1000 die from measles. 1 in 10,000,000 turn in to vegetables as a result of the vaccination.

    If you are going to “roll the dice”. at least know the odds up front.

  10. Thank you for this excellent piece. It truly highlights how illogical the anti-vax/pro-disease group is

    “Well, actually, some people did but there were so few that we never even heard about it.”

    Meh whats a few preventable deaths?, we need to thin the herd anyway.

    These pro-diseasers have really gone off the deep end

    “While you’re busy worrying about your kids getting the measles, you could get run over by a truck crossing the street ”
    I don’t follow, and if there was a vaccine to prevent getting hit by a truck I (and all normal people) would take it too. The argument of “well we can’t prevent all deaths, so why prevent any” just further highlights how loony the pro-disease group has gotten

  11. Just because you had it is not a reason not to vaccinate. Now we have a way to prevent it, so let’s do it! Some people (like myself) are immunocoprimised (from chemotherapy!) and it’s not right for you to be so irresponsable as to not vaccinate your kids because of some made up “facts” that you heard from your friend. Any person with a little bit of medical knolage will tell you that it’s safe to get the shot, for sure safer than getting the measles. Please vaccinate ….for me!!!

  12. Bravo Judi,
    Doctors only understand one thing – the CDC. It is their bible. They simply cannot look beyond their guidleines. The CDC is a very corrupt govt. agency and own patents for many vaccines as well and these are the people we are expected to follow. It’s as simple as that. Measles was never a scary thing …..until the vaccine was developed.

    • Just one question, do you trust doctors to perform a complicated surgery and only argue about things you think you understand? Or does your distrust extend to brain surgery, heart bypass, and kidney transplants…?

  13. Complications from Mealses and whooping cough are very bad. I had them and it is serious. I would rather listen to Doctors take vaccinations.

  14. Finally a voice of reason in this whole hysterical mess! Try watching the 9 part series Vaccines: Revealed or Healing From Vaccines or Vaxxed with an OPEN mind and then let’s see how many people are still pro vaccines. Why would anyone in their right mind give small children a shot contains multiple vaccine strains all at once?! Does this even make sense?!

    • It makes a lot of sense if the alternative would be the kid ending up farkrumpt like your way of thinking. How many times do I have to tell you ‘Stop with the propaganda already’.

  15. I fully agree its all out of control I live in Beit Shemesh and its crazy what is going on with the hysterics.
    2 of my kids had it and BH they are fine and got over it very easily. Its not as scary as people make it out if the child is young. Most complications are in older people and they arent the ones being shouted out to do the vaccine so calm down and have an enjoyable and healthy winter.

  16. Y’know, this is actually a halachik question. It’s dinei pikuach nefesh, and to be frank, most people aren’t poskim, and those that are, aren’t necessarily poskim for dinei pikuach nefesh. So go ahead. Play games with halacha. I’m sure HaShem doesn’t mind. I mean, of course we are allowed to decide on our own halacha without knowing anything on the topic. Basar bchalav, sure , we’ll ask, but here we know better than known talmidei chachamim, poskim who have spent years learning, and getting smichah with shimush, and who have researched the topic!! Yup, that sounds logical to me.
    I know I’ve heard poskim calling this masis umadiach, rodef, and other comments along these lines but it’s fine, of course we know better then the Rabbonim that researched the topic, I mean, who appointed the CDC anyway!?! But who can argue with the opposition? I mean, it all came from the internet! Who can beat that!?!

  17. Thank you Matzav for posting this opinion piece. BH there is a frum website that has the courage to post opinions on both sides of the issue. I had measles, chicken pox and mumps. In my time, these diseases used to be normal childhood diseases that were treated just like a regular cold or the flu (lots of fluids, rest, and tylenol for fever). Hashem created these diseases with a refuah: Natural immunity.

    • yup me too. i live in Sierra Leone where we rely extensively on natural immunity. And amazingly our life expectancy in Sierra Leone has gone up to an amazing 51 years old!

        • Sometimes when common sense and logic doesn’t work on brainwashed people, you have to try alternative methods of trying to get through!

        • I’m sorry if you were offended, but you have clearly missed the point. In short, advocating to ignore the medical community and simply treat various maladies with your own ideas for treatment is to suggest that we know better and don’t need professionally trained doctors. To which I merely draw your attention to countries that seem to live your doctor-less Utopian lifestyle.

    • And so what if we lose a few here and there. People used to die from all kinds of (now) preventable diseases, so what’s the big deal.

  18. Is this the same Judi Franco who has a video out there about (as she puts is) the horrors of Bell’s Palsy? So Bell’s Palsy is the problem,but measles is not?

  19. The reason that the number of deaths from measles is low is because of very expensive intervention with modern medicine. That works when the number of cases are low. Once the number of cases increase, then medical system will be overwhelmed. So not only will people lose lives, but become impoverished by the medical bills and debilitated by the after affects of the disease.

  20. YOU know all you people sound a little overtired!!!
    Maybe go take a NAP and when you wake up you’ll feel a little better!! OK??
    Everyone EVERYONE U HEAR ME??
    CALM DOWN! with this whole measles thing! ENOUGH!!!!!! ENOUGH!!!!
    your all just a bunch of BORED BORED souls looking for entertainment on the internet!

  21. My children, now aged 14, 12 and 9 had “measles” when they were ages 3,6, and 8. My kids got a 24 hour fever, one child after the other. I didn’t know this episode was “measles” until they got a blood test 2 years later. Yes, they had been exposed to a bouncing happy 8 month old baby girl happily smiling in her caregiver’s arms at the orphanage, with a characteristic measles rash, about a week or so prior to the fever. It was the highest they ever had, 102.5. But it only lasted 24 hours or so, and no rash, photophobia, or anything. Fast forward 2 years and our Dr. wants to get a serology test, to try to talk me again into the MMR. Boy, were we both surprised! So easy, and lifetime immunity. My kids had good immune system response, precisely because they had had few/no vaccines. Getting vaccines tips the immune response to Th2 (humoral) and away from the much more important Th1 Cellular immunity. Good strong immune system, good Vitamin A status, and measles is NO ISSUE.


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