Opinion: Chris Christie’s V-DAY


avi-solomonBy Avi Solomon
A massive FBI raid took place in New Jersey today with the arrests of numerous NJ politicians, including 3 mayors and two state legislators. The media seems to be focusing on the Jews who were arrested in New Jersey and New York in the midst of the FBI investigation. Furthermore, with the arrest of Jeff Williams, a housing inspector in Lakewood, it is possible that further arrests might be made in Lakewood. While it is tragic when any Jew is arrested for wrongdoing, the Jews arrested in this FBI raid shouldn’t be the focus of this story.

Numerous political analysts have speculated that Barack Obama might not have been able to defeat John McCain had the economy not collapsed during the election. The comparison for the gubernatorial election in New Jersey isn’t 100% accurate, since Chris Christie already had a lead in the polls over Corzine. Nevertheless, in my opinion, today is Chris Christie’s victory day in this election.

Surely, the Christie campaign will not only fault Corzine for running the state into the ground, but for running a government full of corruption. Furthermore, Christie has already made note of his record of fighting corruption in NJ as a District Attorney. If he hasn’t been able to campaign the message that NJ needs him to clean up its corruption he should be able to use this story to get that message across.

In my opinion, I don’t think Corzine can be faulted for the corruption uncovered in this FBI investigation. I also don’t think McCain’s campaign should be faulted for the collapse of the economy. Unfortunately, voters tend to have a different opinion than me in light of these breaking news stories.

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