Opinion: Abe Foxman, Director Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Have You Considered Retirement?


foxmanThe National Conference on Jewish Affairs (NCJA) recently expressed its dismay that the Anti-Defamation League actively lobbied, along with CAIR, to defeat Florida legislation that would have restricted state courts from considering foreign laws as part of a legal decision.

NCJA learned that the ADL sent a letter to Senator Mike Haridopolos, Florida Senate President, urging the Senate to oppose SB 1360 on the grounds that it is “an obstacle to Jewish divorce and remarriage, and an infringement on religious freedom.” CAIR hails its “Sharia Victory” in Florida and acknowledges ADL’s help: http://www.newenglishreview.org/blog_display.cfm/blog_id/41102

When the identical bill, HB1209, passed the Florida House of Representatives, the ADL expressed its “disappointment”: http://regions.adl.org/florida/adlprhb1209-march2012.html

“We reject entirely the ADL’s assertion that this legislation would have been ‘pointless’ and that it addresses a ‘non-existent threat,'” stated Beth Gilinsky, NCJA Executive Director. “We further find the ADL’s claim that passage of the law would have been, ‘harmful to the religious freedom of all Floridians, including observant Jews’ completely mistaken.

“But most offensive is the partnership between the ADL and CAIR to defeat legislation that would have protected American citizens from consideration of foreign laws in our courts, in our legal system, which is governed only and solely by the U.S. Constitution and laws made by the various branches of the American government.

“If Abe Foxman and the board at the ADL do not consider the U.S. Constitution and the panoply of our American laws sufficient to protect the interests of the Jewish community, they should resign. The Jewish people can have no expectation of being protected in a legal system that considers Shariah law, and neither does anyone else,” stated Lori Lowenthal Marcus, Chair of the NCJA Executive Committee.


ADL calls Anti-Shariah Bill “pointless” – March 7, 2012


“Anti-Shariah” bill dies in Senate:


{Israel Commentary/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The ADL is anti religon . If a person is charedi they wont even look at them. If the person is not religous they will turn the world over for him

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