Operation Protective Edge Cost Israel $4.3 Billion


sderot-rocketOperation Protective Edge’s overall cost for Israel has been estimated to be $4.3 billion.

Defense officials have pegged the overall military expenditure at $2.3 billion, saying the Israel Defense Forces will revise its 2015 budget demands accordingly.

Israeli Tax Authority Director Moshe Asher, quoting preliminary assessments by Finance Ministry Chief Economist Yoel Naveh, said that the Israeli economy had lost 0.5 percent in projected gross domestic product growth, estimated at $1.3 billion, during the month-long Gaza campaign.

The Tax Authority estimates that more than $14.6 million worth of property damage has been caused by rocket fire, and further predicted a drop of $438 million in tax revenue in 2014 because of the operation.

Israel is also expected to pay $29 million in restitution to southern communities affected by Operation Protective Edge.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Gaza is just a toilet bowl without even the flush mechanism to make it useful.

    This is very unglossed for a better hope for better days. I can not think that anyone thinks that a major expenditure is any nation’s preference. Hamas is so bad that they are not even a cheap thrill for themselves at the asylum.

    Neglect for the end of your own nation’s safety is not a good street to choose.

    I think we did the best we could. Blessings will be a more energized economy and maybe some rats will just look for a boat to Syria to leave Israel.



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