‘Operation Doctor’s Appointment’ Brings Syrian Mothers, Kids to Israel in Middle of the Night


A group of more than 40 Syrian mothers and children crossed over the Golan Heights border from Syria to northern Israel in the pre-dawn hours on Wednesday to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals.

“Operation Doctor’s Appointment” took the young Syrians with chronic health problems by bus to the Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat, where they were seen by physicians and entertained by a medical clown.

Israel has treated thousands of Syrians who have been injured in the seven-year Syrian civil war, as well as many people who have lost access to urgent medical care due to the fighting. Some of the Syrians were brought into Israel for treatment while thousands of others were treated in field hospitals staffed with Israeli medical-care teams.

In an interview with Ynet news, Israeli military health officer Maj. Sergei Kutikov said many of Wednesday’s patients would be treated and returned to Syria the same day, while others would come back to Ziv for multiple treatments or even surgery.

“We were afraid in the beginning to come [because we view Israelis] as Zionists and enemies,” said an anonymous Syrian mother quoted by Ynet, who then added that “it’s the opposite.”




  1. syrian, iranian etc citizens have nothing to fear in israel…should the oppsite happen israelies will be torn limb to limb. but of course the BDS etc rishay yisroel couldnt care less because its yidden they hate, not rachmonis for goyim. ‘the hate non believers have for believers is greater than goyim have for yidden’–talmud

  2. I guess all the Israeli patients have received whatever treatments that they need, and the months long waiting lists are a thing of the past(Sarcasm). It was obviously a moronic feel-good action that took away life saving resources from the Jews while achieving no good will with the Arabs, and probably giving life to the future islamonazi murderers. Israeli Judenrat elites are completely morally bankrupt.

  3. Actions speak louder than words. I think this is a good thing. As an aside, it’s also a great PR move. Little by little, patient by patient, normal people with open minds, will realize that Israel IS a kind generous caring Nation that is out to do good to its neighbors and not the other way around. They will start to like the Israelis and if G-d forbid a Jew gets lost/caught in one of their Countries, these people will come to their rescue.

  4. I sort of support this idea, however, as you can clearly see the hatred in the womans eyes and that’s the very reason I appose bringing in these people for treatment.

    I don’t care where you live, if you view Israel as a bad country that should be eliminated you shouldn’t deserve treatment that’ll take away from ordinary law abiding Israeli citizens.

    Moral grounds? The world couldn’t care less.
    Like what has Iran done or Saudi Arabia done for these people?!?!?

  5. The Jews are dumb as they look y on earth are you helping these murderers maybe u should offer assistance to Nazis and their families as well to show how good you are

      • pray tell, what do you mean ‘tiken oilam’?
        obseving the 613 is ‘tiken oilom’ so how much of the holy torah do you belive is from hasem. even if one letter not then your ‘tiken oilom is nil ‘. see talmud sanhedrin


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