Open Orthodox Synagogues Continue to Go Off the Rails


1) B’nai David-Judea – Los Angeles

The above Open Orthodox “shul” in Los Angeles, in a very recent Erev Shabbos bulletin, wished mazel tov to an all-female “couple”, Talia Inlender and Daniela Gerson, for their new daughter: (The mazel tov wishes appear in the “BDJ Broadcast” section of the above bulletin on page 1.)


Here is a link about the “marriage” of this all-female “couple”:


This same Open Orthodox congregation has a male rabbi and a female Rabbanit, who received semicha from Yeshivat Maharat, founded by Avi Weiss:


The shul’s rabbi wrote an article against the beracha of “She-lo asani isha”, explaining how to avoid reciting it and how to avoid reeciting the beracha of “She-lo asani goy“:


This rabbi also rejected the OU’s ruling against female clergy.



  1. Hebrew Institute of Riverdale (“HIR”)


HIR was founded by Avi Weiss. Its clergy is comprised of three rabbis, all gradutes of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (YCT – OO rabbinical school), as well as two rabbas (female rabbis), both graduates of Yeshivat Maharat (OO women’s rabbinical school)

HIR actually houses both YCT and Yeshivat Maharat on its premises.

(Avi Weiss retired and is listed as Rabbi-In-Residence.)

HIR has twice this year extended mazel tov wishes upon the marriage of two men:

  1. Here – see item #3 in “Mazal Tov to” section:


  1. Here – please see item #1 in the “Mazal Tov to” section:



HIR also hosts an annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day concert, featuring a church choir performance in the synagogue’s sanctuary:


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  1. In the HIR community, the Male should make the bracha “Shelo asani kirzono”,
    since being a female is a higher madrega than being a male.

  2. Why do you focus on the negative? Look at the positve, Jewish identity, shomer Shabbos, kashrut at a high level, taharus hamishpocha, 2 day yom tov, genuine havdalah service, torah classes, active engaging websites, and so much more. It says in the torah if we love one another it will bring moshiach, that’s what we want, right? People critized harav schlomo but now everyone sings his praises and melodies. People find strength in your own congregations. Bad breath gets you nowhere.

    • No, you are wrong. Normal thinking people do NOT sing the praises of “Reb” Shlomo. He was wrong on certain areas then, and just because he has passed away, it doesn’t make his shito’s right. Hugging & kissing women other than your wife is kineged hatorah.

    • True the Torah says to love every Jew and I do love you as a Jew. I feel terrible that you are misguided.

      I feel sad that you focus on 1 line of Torah (love every Jew) and ask us all to also focus on that as well, yet you trample on the rest of the Torah as if that doesn’t matter.

      I pray for your complete and quick recovery as you suffer a spiritual cancer just as I pray for a complete and quick recovery of a fellow Jew suffering from a physical cancer.

      I love you as a Jew but cannot stand what you preach.
      I love you as a Jew but cannot accept your misguided form of judaism
      I love you as a Jew but cannot understand why you disgrace G-d
      I love you as a Jew but cannot allow your way of life to infiltrate true Judaism

      So wake up and realize we do love you as a Jew because we love all Jews regardless of their level of Yiddihkeit. It is not you we are troubles with it is your way of life and the poor choices you make. THAT I do not love and THAT I take issue with. Nobody who disgraces our G-D should expect us to sit back and leave it alone. Remeber – It’s not about you as a person, it is about what you believe.

    • Wrong.Terribly Wrong
      Do you go hug mass murderers ??

      Who said Love is important?

      And What does it say over and over regarding people like these?

  3. I’m certain that Reb Moshe, ZaTzal, is turning over in his grave over being used to promote this organization’s twisted agenda. This guy calls it “ingenious” to say that women should start purposely reciting “She’Asani Yisraeli” instead of “Shelo Asani Goy” because once you do that, there is a Rama that says once you say She’Asani Yisraeli there is no reason to say Shelo Asani Isha any more… I agree that it’s an “ingenious” way to pervert our Mesorah, and to claim that “current thinking” and “modern norms” create a new Halachik reality.
    Kol Kevudah Bas Melech Penimah is our prevailing ideology. And the women of the truly Orthodox and Chassidsh are proud, strong, resolute, intellectual, and full partners in all aspects of our homes. Living within true Halachik Mesorah makes my wife and daughters stronger and more powerful than any fake Rabbanit.
    I’ll modernize our President’s favorite line, “fake news,” and apply it to these clowns, “fake Jews.”

  4. i think the point about open ‘orthodoxy’ has been made. they should be pitied because they have lost their way. i propose we stop giving them any more attention, except for, perhaps, getting a kiruv group involved

  5. It is time for a name change. YCT needs a new start and image.

    חובבי תורה sounds too old fashioned, and besides, it is the name of a Lubavitch yeshiva in Crown Heights.

    To better reflect its essence and mission YCT should be called Yeshivat MORON

    MORON = Modern Open Rocking Outlandish New

  6. While it is true they did go GO THE RAILS, so did parts of our community. We now have peleg causing ruckus on the streets.

    We also have what I believe is more dangerous for klal Yisroel than OO. What some people that call themselves frum has little effect on our lives, let them say mazel tov to whom ever they want we know who is married and who is living a life contra to the Torah. But that we no longer have pictures of any woman not even rebitzen Kanivesky (any man that will lose himself after seeing pictures of fully dressed woman has bigger issues then jewish magazines). Who are our daughters supposed to see as role models, the candles in place of pictures for the rebitzens that were nifter, or the grayed in box in yated for the living ones? More likely the clothing models on the billboards and magazines found in the hair cut salons? Who do we want our daughter to see as the average and extraordinary woman, the model or the rebetzen?

    We no longer live in a shetel even Williamsburg the same place that would burn any paper with pictures of woman that would shame any woman for not wearing the correct tights, has non jews dressed not to our standers ridding bikes thru, and it causes problems, imagine a buchur that never saw a woman, is confronted by a woman on a bike in shorts, his close upbringing will not help him rather it will be a hindrance.

    • Incorrect. Fact is the more we look at women the more it pulls us. That’s just human nature. Maybe it is not halachikly required to be as strict as some are but their intentions are good. Maybe it’s not for everyone but I certainly would not criticize them. I would sooner criticize those that advocate the standards that you seem to be inclined to advocate.

  7. Please don’t compare R Shlomo, to this, R Shlomo was a yachid that was mikarev many yiddin, never CV tried to convince others to go against the Torah.

    • Ben Ben Ben….HUH??!!?? Shlomo was what? He was mekarev yidden? What exactly was he mekarev them to? True he had an amazing koach hanigun and his songs are from the most beautiful out there but that’s all he was. A talented musician and songwriter. His path was quite different in the late 50’s and early 60’s. He was a prized student of Reb Aron back then with unlimited potential. But he fell, he fell like a rock off a cliff, hard and fast. Perhaps he didn’t preach OO like this article speaks but he certainly is a name to be brought into the conversation of people who disgraced the name of G-D with his actions. Just because you can sing and tell stories doesn’t make you a mekarev yiddin. Let’s not forget we here in America were fooled into 8 years of an African American President simply because he had a koach hadebur.

  8. Oy Vey,

    I personally know people who he was mekarev. Before being mekurav by R Shlomo they had no shaychus to yiddishkeit.

    They now have generations of children and grandchildren who are sitting al haTorah Vehoavodah.

  9. Why does the Torah say that gay men should be killed?
    Why not except them and see the positive?

    Well that’s what god said like it or not..
    Going against the Torah is going against god… there’s no compromising..

    Male and females have their rolls in this world, each of them is valued for what they are here for, when you want to be something your not created for, your being a fool…

    Chovevei torah??
    Maybe that’s meant as a sarcastic phrase…
    Sonei Torah/sonei Hashem

  10. @Coney Island Tzibur
    1) Where in the Torah does it say that loving each other brings Moshiach?
    2) Where in the Torah does it say that there is a mitzvah or even some sort of goal to bring Moshiach?

  11. Very, Very, Tragically, the open orthodox people have made gigantic, GIGANTIC breaks in observance of Torah with, for just a few examples, making women rabbis, eliminating the saying of certain Berachos, and full embracing Toeiva & Toeiva (so-called) “marriage,” Rachmana Litzlan! Furthermore, they have made many open statements of outright K’fira B’Torah – open statements of outright denial of the truth of Hashem and His Torah (for example, see the Matzav report at, Rachmana Litzlan!

    At the very same time that they are doing and saying and believing these very terrible things though — these very terrible things that are obviously very much NOT orthodox — they are calling all this that they do, “orthodox”!! Obviously, they are doing two things: 1.) Their self contradictory action is expressed in the common saying “They want to have their cake and eat it too”! 2.) Their publicly proclaiming all their very terrible things as “orthodox,” is literally a case of “a wolf (hiding) in sheep’s clothing”!

    So in a way, they are much worse than the Reform or Conservative or Reconstructionist groups. The Reform and the Conservative and the Reconstructionist groups openly and truthfully say what they are, and they certainly DO NOT say that they are “orthodox”! By sharp contrast, the YCT-OO people DO SAY that they are “orthodox”! Again, this is literally “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”! There is thus a great danger that people will understandably make the serious error of thinking that YCT-OO actually is “orthodox,” and this has already started happening, many times. Numerous individuals and numerous whole congregations, who were either trying to become orthodox or hitherto had actually been orthodox, have been thus deceived and have thus joined up with YCT-OO and are now thus, very, very tragically, being terribly corrupted by them.

    So there is on us a Chov Kodesh Nachutz – there is on us an urgent sacred obligation to publicly proclaim to warn as many people as possible that there is lurking here “a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” that this YCT-OO is absolutely NOT “orthodox,” and that it is absolutely NOT Torah! On the contrary, very, very tragically, quite a lot of what they do is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Torah!

  12. DOES it matter whether it was Open(DeOrthodox), Conservative,Reform,or Unaffiliated??

    What should matter more is that these things are happening and the world is still going on almost business as usual !
    We should be shuddering.We should be shaking
    We’re hemorrhaging
    Should we claim bankruptcy for our religion??
    Everything our ancestors built up Since the Flood in now in our era being thrown away?!

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