Open “Orthodox” Shul To Stop Announcing Toeva Unions


Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, a well-known Open Orthodox synagogue in the Bronx, agreed to stop announcing toeva unions in its Shabbos newsletter after being pressured by the Orthodox Union.

After debating the issue, OU CEO Allan Fagin reiterated the organization’s opposition to celebrating toeva unions. “It is the OU’s unequivocal position that support for, or celebration of, halachically proscribed conduct is fundamentally inappropriate,” said an OU statement.

“Accordingly, the institutional endorsement or encouragement (implicit or explicit) of any conduct that is contrary to halacha is activity that no Orthodox synagogue should allow.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. You would not know their faced day. The abomination is the whole suit. It has no wage and who wants to be buried in their community together their own problems. A mastery of hate.

    Will they concede that the movement is false; call upon the reform and conservative to concede?

    All against.

    • We will lose more of the youth to the reform movement. Happy? The toeva can’t change. Accept them, give them a Aliya , share the cholent, and wish them a Shabbat Shalom. It may be ok to practice ohavas yidden.

    • Not quite taken care of.
      The only agreed to stop announcing the unions, while the toeiva activity continues unabated.

  2. Harav Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller Shlita.Gavad V’Rosh Kollel Avreichim Toronto has asked numerous times that the frum media should not refer them as open orthodox but as secret or open reform.

  3. Thanks to matzav and Yated who expose and hammer away at this renegade open orthodox heretical sect. Bring the pressure on ou and also financial supporters of this dangerous anti Jewish sect. These non kosher heretics want to be listed in organizations like the ou in order to look kosher. The open orthodox are just as the reform and conservative heretical sects but more dangerous.

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