Open Orthodox Rabbi Yanklowitz Gushes About Davening Maariv at a Mosque



    • I have plenty other deserving yidden to daven for, dont have to dave for a meshumud….beochous daf 10a doesnt refer to meshimudim. for meshimudim we say i amidah ‘vchl haminim kerayga yoveidu!’

  1. Why does Matzav keep giving this unknown trouble maker so much coverage/attention? The more coverage you give him the more you empower him. It’s the same thing with the Neturei Karta. They crave attention and Matzav, being the gullible fools that they are, keep guys like Yankelowitz in the public. Pheh.

  2. The Jews in Chevron felt the same way towards their Arab “friends” and neighbors in 1929.

    Why do you continue to legitimize Avi Weiss, his Yeshiva, and his students by giving them headlines?

  3. This OO clergyman deserves to be rebuked for each and every comment and act that he undertakes all of which illustrate and demonstrate why OO is a deliberate departure from MO and halachic and hashkafic norms

  4. This OO clergyman should be criticized for each and every comment and action that has been and continues to be an example of being Machtie we Harabim

  5. I guess my comment was to sophisticated for the little biased kinderlach that run Matzav? Anything you’re too dumb and stupid to understand, you just hit the delete button. How mature. Idiots.

  6. Davening in a mosque is not assur, per the Rambam. “Justice and justice you shall pursue.” Perhaps this rabbi’s actions will increase positive relations between the yidden and the muslims, and reduce unnecessary hatred. His davening may save a life.

    • Justice,justice? Huh!? what you trying to say?

      The Rambam ? Since when are you such a chasid of the rambam? Do you also observe the halacha that bes din should appoint morality police yom tov and holidays so there should not be mixed genders and other like laws that you always mock or is it just whats convinient for you?

  7. “Perhaps his davening may save a life” r u kidding u have a great spin for anything I’ll bet u were dumb enough to vote for obummer and pillory

  8. It baffles me why Matzav feels the need to give us a daily report on R. Yankelowitz. Do you honestly feel that your daily criticism will reach the ears of his misguided followers and impact their beliefs? Yes, he is part of YCT and their influence is growing nationally. But realistically, how many Baalei Teshuvos will you produce by throwing stones. If you want to make a difference move out of Brooklyn or Lakewood and relocate to the rest of Americal where YCT graduates are impacting Jewish Life.

  9. Conservative, Reform, and Vayizkite (Weiss) Jews.

    A wise Rabbi once said ” why is it that all those who speak in the name of tolerance always have the least amount of it “. I am finally starting to understand his words.

  10. Open orthodoxy is apikorses. The whole movement is about making women rabbis,supporting toeiva marriage and being left wing bleeding heart liberal.

    Please do not use the word “ORTHODOXY” when discussing this movement.
    Also, please do not use the term “Rabbi”. “Clergy” is more appropriate.

    Thank you

  12. I have no problem if you daven in a mosque. I love peace and I support you. But donlt make war with our president. Your refusal to daven for President Trump showcases the reason for anti-semitism over the millenia – the belief that Jews were unpatriotic and did not support their host country. You are feeding into that, and you need to be condemned by all patriotic Jewish Americans.


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