Open Hatred: Lapid’s Condition – No Chareidim


yair-lapidYesh Atid’s condition for joining the next government is that it will not include charedi parties, Attorney David Shomron, a member of Likud –Beiteinu’s negation team, said this evening following a lengthy meeting with representatives of Yair Lapid’s party.

Shomron said “a major portion of the meeting was dedicated to determining what Yesh Atid’s stance is regarding the inclusion of haredi parties in the coalition. We believe the right way to make progress and address the challenges the State of Israel is facing is to establish as broad a coalition as possible. (The Yesh Atid representatives) said that as far as their party is concerned, there is no room for including charedim in the next government.”

The attorney said Likud -Beiteinu will now try to ascertain whether Habayit Hayehudi has also ruled out the possibility of sitting alongside ultra-Orthodox parties in the next government. He said a meeting with representatives from Naftali Bennett’s party has been scheduled for Friday morning.

The leaders of Habayit Hayehudi and Yesh Atid have formed a political alliance that has yet to be broken during the coalition negotiations.

Commenting on the coalition negotiations between the Likud-Beiteinu and Yesh Atid, Shas leader and Knesset Member Aryeh Deri said, “Today it was made clear that behind the supposed care for equal share of the burden stands pure hatred for charedim.”

Likud MK Ze’ev Elkin urged Bennett to join the coalition, saying “the last time an attempt was made to form a rightist government without the charedi parties and with a divided national camp – it ended with the (Gaza) disengagement. We mustn’t repeat past mistakes.”

Yesh Atid said Chairman Lapid expects the negotiations to continue until the last minute. “Netanyahu has yet to decide what kind of government he wants to establish and which policy he wants to promote,” a party member said.

The meeting between Yesh Atid and Likud -Beiteinu also focused on the joint Yesh Atid-Habayit Hayehudi plan for equal share of the burden, according to which charedim will be drafted to the IDF by the age of 21 and some 1,500 would be given draft exemptions.

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. Perhaps if the Chareidim would come up with a reasonable option to share the burden of military service they would not be so opposed to their joining a coalition.

  2. What does one have to do with the other. You are a citizen receiving benefits. And have a civic duty to defend YOUR home
    They are the government but may not be part of the majority. What they should bedding is aligning themselves with the opposition.

  3. This hard line may very well be a blessing in disguise. Total inflexability often means that it is beyond their full bechira to compromise.

  4. Why is it hatred?

    Yesh Atid’s mandate from its voters is diametrically opposed to that of the haredi parties.

    Yesh Atid feels that including haredim in the coalition will make it harder for them to achieve what their constituents want.

    Hatred would be if they were doing this for no good reason.

  5. They dont want them in the coalition because they have been complicit in disasterous policies like the Gaza disengagement.

  6. I personally do not care for any of the parties who will form the government, but I believe it is the fault of the Chareidi parties for their predicament. They unintentionally built a negative perception among secular Israelis. They feel that the Chareidim only speak for their own constituency.

    The Chareidi politicians were given a great opportunity from Hashem to unite all Jews in Israel but failed. How sad.

  7. 1.Instead of getting in,and being marginalized to one issue,the draft;
    the ‘frum’ can now oppose on all fronts and fight the more important war of keepin’ the country traditonal.
    2.The sympathy &’feel’ in the country at the moment for the ‘frum'(though the media is gonna work overtime to destroy and demolish it)

    Turn it into a ‘pyhrric’ victory

    3.Avoid all attacking of the ‘big srugot'(i.e.Mc”H types,settlers),they are unhappy and were misled as well
    The evil wretched was ,is and has been for a long, long time, the ‘small srugot’

    4.Avoid acting insulted ,sore and spurned

    They want play; you’re more adept

  8. Why would one hate religious people in the first place?
    Then again, if in 65 years of living alongside the rest of the population, the religious were not able to make “Shem Hashem mis’ahev al yodom”, they have a serious problem on their hands.
    How can they expect to be granted all the good things in life without reciprocating with, say, unconditional friendship, love & understanding?

  9. #4 He’s charedi like you’re a neaderthal
    #8 semantics
    Have your relatives made everyone they ever associated with “Shem Shamiyim
    And that’s without living an entire life being pushed up against the wall.

  10. #14
    As you age you will discover
    There are powerful bad people that will,try your upmost, use all your goodness against you

    #2 & #5
    Which army are you serving in at present?

    You should join the Malaysian army ,what’s the difference?

  11. “They dont want them in the coalition because they have been complicit in disasterous policies like the Gaza disengagement.”

    Indeed they have been talking about more disengagements — within the past two weeks! That puts them to the left of Meretz!!!

  12. I have a simple solution
    Make the entire army voluntary that way no one could complain also they are able not to be drafted if there in yeshiva so why are they complaining

  13. Please be more accurate. The problem is that Lapid/Bennett are insisting on policies that the Chareidi parties will not accept – draft, etc. – and won’t make any concessions. This would prevent Shas and UTJ from joining on principal, since they would have to agree with that platform.

    Bennett’s people are just as “religious” as the Chareidi, so it’s also inaccurate to claim that Bayit Heyehudi and Yesh Atid is “anti-religious.” It’s anti one particular stream of Torah Judaism. Perhaps it would be advantageous for the Chareidi parties to rethink their relationship with the rest of the country.

  14. this is even more worse then being a antisemite.
    thats why i prefer not to live in Israel
    for me every jew is the same,but in Israel
    they are the biggest haters of orthodox people
    they keep even all the goim naches

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