Op-ed: Monsey Residents Speak Out About The Upcoming Election


Dear Ramapo Residents,

We have never been involved in politics, but for the upcoming election of a new supervisor, we feel a need to express our opinion. The Town of Ramapo establishment has Michael Specht as their candidate. He has been a town attorney under St. Lawrence for many years. Together with our whole neighborhood, we are witness to Mr. Specht’s and the town’s negligence in protecting our legal rights as tax-paying citizens of Ramapo.

A massive commercial/ residential mixed use development is going up behind our bedrooms. St. Lawrence’s administration assured us that our legal rights to a buffer with trees would be upheld. By law, that buffer is supposed to be 25 feet. On May 29, 2014 there was a zoning board meeting to decide if variances should be granted to the development. (We have the entire transcript of the meeting.)  Many variances bypassing the laws of Ramapo were granted based on a few tradeoffs for the neighbors.

Mr. Michael Specht was the attending town attorney at that meeting. The decision he wrote up for that zoning board meeting did not reflect the final instructions of the board as documented by the transcripts. Since Mr. Specht delayed for one and a half years until he finally wrote up the decision, Mrs. Weaver (chairwoman of the zoning board) must have trustingly signed his write-up without referring back to the transcripts. When we neighbors, at a requested meeting with Mr. Specht and Mr. Alan Berman (another town attorney), pointed out the discrepancies, Mr. Specht refused to correct the mistakes. He is an attorney. We neighbors are not attorneys. He knew that by that time we had no legal recourse to challenge what he wrote.

But we do have recourse in the voting booth! By publicizing how he was instrumental in devastating our neighborhood, we are doing our civic duty to protect our town and other innocent taxpayers. Our whole neighborhood is working against his being elected. The establishment is spreading lies about A New Direction candidates saying they are from Preserve Ramapo and are anti-Semites. We met with Shani Bechhofer and were assured that none of the three candidates have any Preserve Ramapo ties. They are truly motivated to save our town. Please help us spread the word to vote for Weber, Bechhofer, and Valentine to finally take the Town of Ramapo in a new, honest direction.

Please go out to vote for Weber, Bechhofer, and Valentine on November 7th as every vote counts!


Concerned Citizens of the Augusta, Treetop, Grove Neighborhood

The Ebsteins                      The Rubensteins              The Tresses

The Friedmans                  The Schwabs                      The Wengers

The Kreitmans                   The Scharfers

The Rabinowitzes            The Tillims


    • By the time a divorce attorney gets involved, the marriage is already over anyway. The divorce attorney just helps with the logistics. Blaming a divorce attorney for ‘broken marriages’ is absolutely ludicrous. But in any case, is there someone named Yeger even on the ballot?

    • since when does an endorsement mean that they have ties????

      does the KKK endorsing Trump make him anti-black or an anti-Semite??

      Reb Yid, give me a break. some intellectual honesty – please. I too am getting these giant postcards in the mail. It’s time to look beyond the postcards and look at the facts on the ground.

  1. Thank you for this letter. I don’t live in your area, but as a resident of Monsey for 35 years I say it’s high time to throw the corrupt politicians out. We know the damage that they have done. Let’s give someone else the opportunity to change things.

  2. I agree as a longtime Monsey resident I am fed up with what is going on here, I will be voting for: Weber, Bechhofer, and Valentine

  3. As a Monsey dweller who lives not too far from this area, I agree with every word written here. What readers must understand is, the people signing this letter are the cream of the crop here in Monsey, people who moved here many many years ago and raised beautiful Torah families. These are people who live close to Bais Medrash Elyon and some of them are still in Chinuch until today. Nobody can accuse them of being cruel-hearted, anti-semitic, or any other mud others decide to throw on them.

    A friend just asked me yesterday who I am planning on voting for? I told him that based on the past performance of all our “askonim” here in Monsey, I plan on voting exactly the opposite of what they tell us in the dozens of phone calls that we will be deluged with during the next few days.

    The traffic, the car accidents of drivers who have no more patience to sit and wait anymore, are lowering more than the quality of life here. I am all for living next to each other, but any thinking person knows that at some point you need to spread out into other neighborhoods. There is soooo much empty land which can be used in Sloatsburg and Tuxedo. Let the building start there.

    May HaShem finally send us some sanity next week.
    A Monsey chasidishe resident who fears HaShem more than he fears the New Direction party

  4. There is one person on the ballot we should all vote for, regardless of any issues about zoning. He is running for Judge and his name is Michael Koplen. He is a good man, a good judge, and his will help anyone and do the right thing. He is a very honest man and respected and deserves your vote. So please vote Row B Mike Koplen for Judge.

  5. Shame on you people for cuslasing a chilul Hashem, also you clearly don’t understand the way government works and Specht did what he is supposed to do and give the board their options. He did not get involved with how they should vote. So go ahead vote for the 3 people that want to close down Shul’s and Yeshivas and don’t have a clue of even what they can or can not do! If you want to follow Rabbi’s, they all asked for a clean race and getting offensive hate mail ever Day is a chilul Hashem.

    I hope row A wins. We need to keep hate out of government!

  6. Now that the election is over let’s talk sensibly. I think there needs to be a emergency exit on Augusta from the development near there. This is a safety concern.


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