Oorah: We’d Print a Catalogue Without Women if There’s Interest



  1. first explain how 30 mil plus ( as reported in your 2014 filing) is spent thats a big number for a mosad ? where i hear many camp staff get pd below min wage

  2. According to today’s world its not about sensitivities, its about Halacha as accepted today, 5777.
    Its like saying ‘if the oilom feels like it will learn something today’.

  3. Typical. Oorah are masters at marketing. They obviously are aware of the picturetumult and would like to cash in on it. I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing women in their brochures, but not those long shaitels. They are a complete breach of tznius and any woman who wears one, is advertising to the rest of the world that she and her husband lack basic yiras shomayim are both walking Chillul hashem! How’s that?


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