Oorah Thanks Gilboa Town Officials


oorah-the-zone-gilboahGilboa – Those at the girl’s campus of Oorah’s TheZone Camp in Gilboa admit they operate in their own world, creating for their campers an ultimate escape from the real world in the hills of the Catskills. Despite this fact, camp director Rabbi Avrohom Kravetz said they also realize how lucky they are to be located in a town with such natural beauty and with such dedicated local leaders.
As a way to give back to the community and thank area officials for all they do for the town and those who live, work and play there, Kravetz welcomed Gilboa Supervisor Tony VanGlad to the camp last week for a meal, special performance and check presentation ceremony.

VanGlad was entertained by campers giving an enthusiastic performance of the camp song before thanking him with rounds of cheers for all he does for the town.

“We have our own home away from home here at camp,” Kravetz told campers, “but it is important to show respect and understand we are also part of a bigger picture. We are part of the town of Gilboa and a lot of work goes into making sure a town runs properly.”

Kravetz explained how in his role as town supervisor, VanGlad helps lead the community and make important decisions about how the town is run. He said a supervisor helps make sure all the services and utilities needed by residents and guests in the town are in place and helps make sure everyone stays healthy and safe.

As a token of the camp’s appreciation Kravetz presented VanGlad with a check for $7,500.

“Thank you all so much,” said VanGlad to the assembled campers. “I am so happy to be here today and happy to see so many wonderful young ladies having a good time at camp.”

VanGlad said one of his favorite things about being town supervisor is having guests visit and seeing them enjoying everything the town has to offer.

VanGlad said he would be sure not to do anything “boring” with the money, like pay bills or buy equipment, and said he would make sure it went towards something the entire community could enjoy.

While there is certainly nothing set in stone, he said some ideas included the development of a small community park or picnic area.


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  1. A real kiddush HaShem! As with all camps, Oorah has to deal with so much “neighborhood” issues in that part of the Catskills, and a little hakoras hatov to the town of Gilboa for providing support and a pleasant place to reside is definitely called for!

  2. Girlzone is an incredible place. There is so much ahavas yisroel and happiness. The beautiful surroundings and wonderful staff give these girls tools to make real change in their lives. I felt Hashem’s presence there.

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