Only Romaine Lettuce From Certain Parts Of California Is Unsafe To Eat, FDA Says; New Labeling Will Be Added Soon


Federal health officials said the most likely source of romaine lettuce contamination is from the Central Coastal growing regions in northern and central California, the Washington Post reports. No common grower, supplier, distributor or brand of romaine lettuce has been identified.

Several major romaine lettuce producers have agreed to label products with a harvest date by region, and new romaine from different growing regions, including Florida and Arizona, are being restocked in grocery shelves.

This is a developing story. It will be updated.



    • Are you aware that the E Coli is one of the largest bacteria, and is used extensively in labs for research, genetic studies, and to produce medications, such as vitamin K?
      Are you also aware that, while the “Coli” modifier means “from colon”, that the strains used in the lab have never been in anyone’s intestines, and that most E Coli are harmless, and only few pathogenic strains, such as the toxin producing 0157:H7, are the culprits of food bourne illnesses outbreaks?

      I didn’t think that you were.

  1. Bodek & PosTiv are reportedly also okay, based on their assurances, as they are grown in hot houses – not the open field.

  2. Even if the manufacturer states they purify out the e. coli, mistakes have been made in the past. Check out this article (see 4.2 excerpt below)

    Adventitious Agents and Live Viral Vectored Vaccines: Considerations for Archiving Samples of Biological Materials for Retrospective Analysis

    EXCERPT: 4.2 Potential safety concerns related to novel viral vaccines
    The development of some novel viral vaccines have necessitated the use of human tumorigenic and tumor-derived cell substrates, which could pose additional safety concerns related to the potential presence of unknown tumor viruses and latent viruses that may not be detected by the currently recommended assays [61]. Additionally, the use of large virus vectors can provide a target for endogenous retrovirus integration and amplification in the vector virus [62–65]. Therefore, advanced nucleic acid technologies with broad virus detection are being investigated for cell substrate characterization and may also be useful for characterization of the virus seed or products.

  3. See? I knew it all along. Fake news. They can’t make up their minds. Thru their laziness and negligence, they caused millions of dollars in losses to store owners and consumers. The CDC is so corrupt it will take years to straighten out if it was ever so desired. This is the same flip-floping CDC that feeds us fake news on the so-called measles epidemic that’s ravaging our Nation.


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