Online Abortion Pills Come To The U.S.


The Self Induced Abortion (SIA) Legal Team last month announced a help line and website to provide information and attorney referrals for women who have ended their pregnancies and fear they will be arrested or prosecuted.

“We know of at least 21 people who have been arrested, and some prosecuted, either for ending their own pregnancy or helping others” since 1973, said Jill E. Adams, a Berkeley, Calif., lawyer who founded the SIA team. “Now that we have the help line, we expect we’ll learn about more.”

Tuesday’s elections illustrated the ever-deepening divide over abortion. Oregonians overwhelmingly voted to preserve public funding for abortion, while Alabama passed a state constitutional amendment that recognizes “the sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children.” West Virginia amended its constitution to declare no right to abortion.

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  1. The Left are furious about government’s stopping the funding of murdering of babies.
    The “compassionate” Left who are so worried about the illegals at the border are taking it one step further.
    “A professor emeritus of biology, Gene Lucas, tries to make the case that newborns can ethically and morally be killed “as they’re not “cognizant of themselves” — i.e., they’re equivalent to a fetus which he maintains is a non-person.”


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