One Year Since Execution of Mr. Martin Grossman


martin-grossman-bmgToday, 3 Adar, is one year since the execution of Mr. Martin Grossman, Michoel Yechiel ben Avraham. Because Mr. Grossman did not have family to learn for him, a number of people organized to have Mishnayos learned to serve as an aliyah for his neshama, especially in light of his tragic life and his sincere repentance at the end of his life.

Mr. Grossman was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Margaret “Peggy” Park, a Florida wildlife officer who was shot with her own gun in 1984 when Mr. Grossman was 19 years old.

Mr. Grossman was the 69th person executed in Florida since the death penalty was reinstated in the sunshine state in 1979. He was the 25th by lethal injection.

Prior to Mr. Grossman’s execution, Jews around the world wrote to Florida Governor Crist, asking him for a 60-day stay of execution for Mr. Grossman, but the Governor ignored the requests to allow Grossman to repay his debt to society by serving the rest of his life in prison. Separately, 200 organizations, Jewish and non-Jewish, sent Governor Crist a petition requesting the stay of the execution, in order to properly file an official request for clemency.

The funeral of Mr. Grossman took place at the Nikolsberger Bais Medrash in Monsey and he was buried in the bais hakevaros in Liberty, NY.

It should be noted that  the learning of the Mishnayos is not an attempt to apply misplaced accolades or similar descriptions upon the niftar, but rather to simply provide zechuyos for the aliyah of his neshama. Unfortunately, an act of pure hashchasa, the tragic murder of an officer, led to the execution of Mr. Grossman, and the learning of Mishnayos should not detract from the pain of the slain officer’s family in any way.

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  1. Gov. Crist has since been soundly defeated by Marco Rubio in his bid for Florida’s available Senate seat. Many wonder if Crist’s resounding defeat was a measure of devine retribution for his executing Martin Grossman.

  2. #8,
    See the Ohr Hachaim on “vehabor raik ain bo mayim” by mechiras yosef. See also Rav Desler’s explanation of the Ohr Hachaim. Complex indeed.

  3. Marco Rubio won the election because Hashem wanted to save America (at least in part) from liberals.

    Martin Grossman wasn’t pardoned by Christ because Hashem wanted him to be killed.

    If we think we have any clue as to Hashem’s ways, common sense would say that Hashem wanted to kill Martin Grossman because he was a murderer.

    Other than basic common sense, we have no clue why Hashem does things.

  4. I thought the HYD applies only to people that were martyred like holocaust victims, people that were murdered Al kiddush hashem. Not for the actual murderers.

  5. Since when do we publicize criminal acts of Yidden? Would we not be better off to hide our heads in shame that one of our own did such a heinous act of murdering a policewoman? Do we learn mishnayos for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? After all they probably regretted their sins before being electrocuted!

    This is an embarrassing post!

  6. To all you guys questioning my sanity, etc:
    I never said it was definitively the reason Crist was defeated. Just postulating that it may have been divine retribution for it (among other reasons).

    Do YOU know what goes into Hashem’s cheshbonos? I certainly don’t, and would not be so vain as to claim what is or is not Hashem’s reasons. So for all we know, that could have been part of it.

    For the record: I am not one of those loonies calling Grossman a tzaddik. However, I felt (AS did some 200 other ORGANIZATIONS), that he did not deserve to be executed, due to the mitigating circumstances of the case.

  7. The life of a Police Officer is so precious. Look at how many Rabbis attended the funeral for the murdered Lakewood Police officer. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the Governors refusal to grant a stay of execution.

    Martin was given an extra 25 years on this earth to live, do to the kindness of this nation. He was tried several times for murder and convicted. Lets not say how “circumstances” caused him to be killed, how about “the brutal murder of a police officer caused him to be killed”.

    The police officer wasn’t just murdered with her own gun, she was bashed in the head several times until she died. This was a horrific murder, and was dealt with as such.

    I think studying in his memory is a good thing, it helps us become better people, but writing that “hashgacha” and not the sick mind of a deranged individual caused the officers death is an insult to the whole law enforcement community.

    Editor’s note:

    The article says haschasah, not Hashgacha. They are two very different things. Perhaps get a Hebrew-English dictionary before issuing your critique.

  8. To: “Rest of the Story”

    You’re the one that brought up that “many wonder” if Christ losing to Rubio had anything to do with him not pardoning Martin Grossman.

    Some also wonder, if Hashem created you, as well as other mishigoyim, to provide a comedy show for the rest of us. Or perhaps you were created to show us what happens to someone who doesn’t have brains. Or perhaps it was divine retribution to your friends and neighbors (among other reasons).

    As you so self righteously exclaim, “Do YOU know what goes into Hashem’s cheshbonos? I certainly don’t……..” So for all we know, that could have been part of it, that Hashem created you as divine retribution to your friends and neighbors, and all of us on Matzav, for our past sins.

  9. Yid: way to go taking a disagreement on an issue and taking it to a personal level. Well done. You put the wacko in his place!

    You have no proof that my hypothesis is wrong, so all you can do is resort to ad hominem, personal attacks.



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