One Week Mega Venettini Shoe Sale for Families of Rebbeim!


In honor of our hardworking Rebbeim, we will be offering current fall 2017 Venettini children’s shoes at the cost price of $45 a pair. We will be carrying both Shabbos and weekday styles for boys and girls, sizes 23-38.

The sale will be held this Thursday, August 24th and next week Sunday through Thursday, August 27-31.

The sale location is 1325 Coney Avenue in Brooklyn, NY and hours are 12-6 pm.

Our phone number is (516) 413-4656.

This sale is exclusive for the children of Rebbeim.

Quantities are limited, so be sure not to delay!

See ad for more details.


  1. I love when they say “cost price”………is such and such. Many stores advertise that when they claim to have a sale. Cost price this and cost price that. As if keilue, we are that gullible to believe it. So, in other words, now when we go shopping when there is not a “cost price” sale and armed with the cost price information, we can seriously handel with the price. Limashal, If we buy a shirt at cost price of $7.50 and 2 weeks later we go into the store and they are charging $45 dollars for the exact same shirt, we can always say, hey you ganif, why are you jacking up the price so high? You supposedly only paid $7.50 for it. Now, of course the store, buying wholesale, paid even less than they are letting you on. It’s the same thing with shoes, glasses, skirt, chairs, etc….

  2. Many people can’t afford such fancy shoes and their father is not a “rebbi”. How about the middle class citizens who are paying an arm and a leg for health insurance and are not on programs….


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