One of Levy Aron’s Attorneys Quits: “Allegations Are Too Horrific”


levi-aron-lawyerAs police prepared to remove more evidence from Levy Aron’s attic apartment, his legal team suffered a body-blow today. Defense co-counsel Gerard Marrone abruptly resigned from the case, telling Eyewitness News that he simply could not in good conscience continue to represent Aron, who is accused of abducting and murdering an 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky in Brooklyn.

“The allegations were too horrific, and it’s not something I wanted to be involved in,” he told Eyewitness News. “I have three boys. One of my sons is seven. I looked at my own children and there are no words. You see the victim and you feel so sad.”

Marrone admitted there was a time earlier this week when he cried over the death of Leiby Kletzky.

Marrone and his co-counsel Pierre Bazile suggested last week that Aron was schizophrenic and said they were considering an insanity defense.

Bazile sought to downplay that speculation this afternoon

“Reports in the press that a so-called ‘insanity defense’ is planned are premature,” he said in a statement. “Please refrain from publishing this erroneous information.”

Meanwhile, some chilling new details are emerging about how prosecutors say suspect Levi Aron killed the boy. Aron faces an eight-count indictment, including two counts of felony murder that have a penalty of life without parole.

The Medical Examiner says Leiby was given a mix of pain killers and muscle relaxants before being smothered and dismembered.

Prosecutors also say Aron took Leiby to a wedding in Monsey and then let the boy use a gas station rest room on the way back to Brooklyn. Did Leiby have a chance to escape?

“Did he have an opportunity? Was he too frightened to do anything about trying to escape? I don’t know,” Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said. “That’s all speculative.”

In the aftermath of the murder, New York City Council has introduced legislation known as “Leiby’s Law.” It’s designed to help lost children find a safer way to ask for help. The proposed Leiby’s Law would establish pre-screened businesses as safe havens for children in need of help across the city.

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  1. we need legislation that makes it illegal or subject to fines for witholding information of criminal activity to the police. it is simply unlawful that shomrim can privately harbor the names of child predators in our midst. similarly those who witheld pertinent information regarding mr. aron luring others to his car prior to this case should be subject to the law.

  2. #1- if the person is a convicted molester then the police have access to his name and address; if he has not been convicted, the police cannot act upon such information

    Exactly what law has a person violated if he does not come forward and tell the police about Aron luring other people to his car? You can only be subject to the law, as you put it, if a law was violated.

  3. 1) If a pre-screened businesses gets a new employe who will make sure someone is told about it? you will constantly need to update it
    2) predators will try to get jobs in this kind of places

  4. happy to hear
    maybe now the other guy can drop the case. how can someone sleep at night havin a client who murdered an innocent little boy?

  5. So what happens to someone if there is no one to represent him? Has such a thing ever ever happened???? Just curious…


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