One Million Expected to Visit Fallen Soldiers’ Graves


israel-military-cemteryOne million people are expected to visit 44 Israeli military cemeteries after the 8 p.m. siren Tuesday, Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers. Another siren will sound at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Immediately following the end of the day on Wednesday evening, Israel will beginning celebrate the 64th years since the re-establishment of the State of Israel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is initiating a move to build a new $11 million memorial center at the Mount Herzl Military cemetery in Jerusalem. The hall’s design is in the shape of a torch, with an eternal flame burning, and the brick walks will be engraved with the names of fallen soldiers.

The government also is in the midst of a renovation program to upgrade military cemeteries from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, including access for the handicapped.

As of last week, 22,293 soldiers fell since 1860, when Jews were first allowed to live in Israel outside of Jerusalem’s Old City walls, and 10,424 families now are left left without parents or children. In 2012, there are 4,992 widows and widowers and 2,396 children without one or two parents who were killed defending the country.

Last year, 123 soldiers and policemen were killed.

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{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. BH, this is how Jews celebrate memorial day. This years shuls all across the country will be “adopting” those who died al kiddush hashem in 1948, fighting for our land and our lives, who do not have anyone to say kaddish for them. What an incredible kiddush hashem.


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