On Har Habayis, Muslims Attack Christian Man For Waving Israeli Flag


HAR HABAYIS YERUSHALAYIMPalestinians assaulted a Christian French tourist for waving an Israeli flag on the Har Habayis near the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday.

Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Sumra said that the 35-year-old Christian man took out the flag from his bag and raised it, after which point he was attacked by four Muslim men. He sustained light head injuries.

While the four assailants were later detained, it is unclear if they will face any charges. Meanwhile, the victim was also detained and questioned, and he could also face charges because the Islamic Waqf Religious Trust, which oversees non-Muslim visitation to the Har Habayis, considers any expression of Israeli nationalism a form of “incitement.”


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. If Israeli Police has jurisdiction and can arrest someone on Har Habais ,how can the Waqf claim “incitement” ? We know that unfortunately after the 6 day war, the Waqf received a present mainly to, preserve their Mosque ,we also had to accept that there will be no davening on Har Habayis,but law and order is maintained by Israel,if the Police suspects possible attacks on the Kotel area they lock the Mosque, Jurisdiction is Israeli and not/Jordanian/Palestinian

  2. seriously?

    He can’t raise a flag there? Who gives these 4 morons the rights to touch someone on the har habayis???

    Tell them they are dogs. Oh sorry. I shouldn’t insult dogs.


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