ON CAMERA: Lakewood Police Officer Caught On Clip Spraying Bochur in Face with Pepper Spray at Sunday Night Protest



  1. Why pepper spray? In st Louis or Baltimore the results of over presence of police and brutality only enflamed the situation. It appeared the person was walking away from the scene and still the officer sprayed.

    • I’m sorry, but I think that this term should be used only for mass-murderers.
      The use of that title for domestic improper conduct has a very bad effect, it only fuels antisemitism and degrades holocaust survivors (and their offspring).

      The boy can simply file a claim at the police, in order to encourage police officers to conduct themselves with more professionalism in the future.

  2. Poor bubby .
    That kid didnt offer to watch my baby who was woken up
    Thank you LPD
    The use of spray was well deserved .
    There was no greater agenda here just some pent up frustration from the teens who didn`t want to clean
    If you are asked to leave by a police officer and don`t move you deserve a lot worse

    • who are you referring to? The officer doing his job or the boys that decided to take things into their own hands, cause crazy traffic, disrupt people from learning, wake up children who were sleeping, add extra stress to a week that has enough on its own. and all the while be an embarrassment to our wonderful community?

  3. Yeah. That’s what happens when you are out being smart with police officers at 1 AM. Look at how the police handle protests usually, like in Portland, and thank Hashem that the Lakewood PD has enough training and knows the community well enough that they only used pepper spray.


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