Omarosa: Anonymous NYT Op-ed Has Been Quietly Removed From Trump Administration


Remember that anonymous op-ed in The New York Times that sent shock waves through Washington in September? Its author was never publicly identified, but Omarosa Manigault Newman claims the Trump administration solved the mystery behind closed doors.

Manigault Newman, a former White House communications aide, told MSNBC Wednesday that she has heard “from my sources” that the Trump administration identified the op-ed writer and has “quietly removed them from the administration.”

She also said, citing “rumors,” that the White House has been relatively quiet about the whole situation because of “how high-level that person is supposed to have been.”

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  1. Unless the person was Jeff Sessions this is impossible.

    You can not “quietly remove” a very high level white house official.

  2. First lady Melania Trump’s office has released a blistering statement about the top deputy to national security adviser John Bolton, saying Mira Ricardel “no longer deserves the honor” of serving the White House.

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