Olmert: I Am Not Religious


Former prime minister and Yerushalayim mayor Ehud Olmert denied that he became observant while recently serving a prison sentence for crimes committed in connection with the construction of Yerushalayim’s Holyland apartment building complex.

“I heard said of me that I became religious and am putting on tefillin – there was never any such thing,” he recently said at an Eilat conference. “What happened was that there were many very religious people in the cell for whom tefillah betzibbur was very important.

“I am completely secular, I never hid this even as mayor of Yerushalayim with religious partners. But for the religious together with me, once a day for 20 minutes we ensured there’d be a minyan to honor people for whom it was very important. Other rumors are baseless.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. He should have been there longer- more mitzvos! He still could have a change of heart!
    שוב שעה אחת לפני מיתתך. Now Ehud, is a particularl עת רצון. Do it already!

  2. Any why indeed not? Are you embarrassed of your Jewish heritage? Of your religious ancestors? Whom are you fooling and denying your yiddishkeit? Only to yourself. Better late than never. Get up a be mentch – a yiddishe mentch – a mentch like other Jews, like your grandparents and great-grandparents.


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