Olmert Criticizes Netanyahu Over Gaza Ceasefire


Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Wednesday criticized the conduct of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for agreeing to a ceasefire with the Hamas terrorist organization.

“If someone else came to such an agreement after 460 rockets, they would call him a traitor. This government said that it will deal with Hamas and instead is giving in to it,” Olmert said in an interview with Kan Radio.

“The Palestinians taught us a lesson. If the government had a deterrent capability, it is now clear that it does not,” he added.

The Likud said in response, “Ehud Olmert, who wanted to hand over Jerusalem and was one of the architects of the disengagement and the convergence plan, including handing over most of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians, will not tell anyone about softness.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Mr. Olmert, have you forgotten how wimpy you were and declared: “We are tired of fighting. We are tired of being courageous. We are tired of winning. We are tired of defeating our enemies.”

  2. Olmert!?!?! He’s still around?! I forgot he existed! I guess he just came out of the woodwork just to remind us! Tell him to give his own home to the Palestinians and shut up!


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