OJC Announces Executive VIP Tour of Israel with Wall Street Mogul Anthony Scaramucci 


The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, which is headquartered at 44 Wall Street, has announced that it will host a special Executive VIP trip to Israel on Sunday, November 19th through Wednesday, November 22nd.

Wall Street mogul and former WH press secretary Anthony Scaramucci will be a special guest on the trip. Mr. Scaramucci is among the most famous and intriguing figures in the business world and enjoys a uniquely close relationship with the White House and other key government officials. Mr. Scaramucci is legendarily media savvy. Indeed, prominent American, Israeli and international media outlets will be embedded at various highlights of the trip, publicizing the mission and its participants to the world.

Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Joseph Frager, the Chamber’s Executive VP, will lead the trip. A handful of VIP American business leaders will join in this unparalleled business networking opportunity, enjoying prime access to the behind-the-scenes halls of power and international media audience alike.

This trip comes as Mr. Scaramucci refocuses his efforts on his business endeavors, and is seeking new investment opportunities. He sees Israel as a prime opportunity, and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce as the optimal vehicle through which to explore and build relationships with the Israeli business world. The trip’s itinerary will give Mr. Scaramucci the opportunity to get a firsthand taste of all that Israel has to offer the investor and entrepreneur, and will bring him across the table with Israel’s highest profile movers and shakers. The highlight of the trip will be an exclusive VIP State Dinner at the King David Hotel, which will mark the launch of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s Israel branch.

“Our excitement to partner with Anthony Scaramucci in this quest knows no bounds,” says Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce. “We look forward to helping him cultivate new worlds of opportunity for both the American and Israeli economies.”



  1. Are you kidding? Why would they partner with this guy? He’s spoken in such vulgar ways, and is a low level individual. Why would we want to be represented by him? This is so classless.

  2. Clueless people. This guy is a toilet mouth and has zilch access these days to any power . He lasted in White House a grand total of ten days. This is all fluff and bad judgement.

  3. This is communicated content. Some guy wants to start an organization, take a salary, get a free trip to Israel, and wants you to pay for it. All the while making you think that you’re going to become successful because you handed him several thousand dollars for the trip.


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